Monday, November 4, 2013

August 12, 2013


   The week here was a pretty normal one. There wasn't a whole lot that happened. We got a lot of lessons in, as well as we got to baptize. I think that the big success of the week this week was that we found a few less active members and had some really good lessons with them. They didn't come to church though, and I was pretty disappointed. 
   I guess I have one really funny story. We went to teach this lady named C. in Kilamba, and she was really nice. We sit down, and teach her the lesson of the Restoration. It was pretty shaky at first because she kept getting calls, and people were running in and out, but luckily, she's a journalist, so she was really focused and taking notes. It was shaky up until we got to the story of the first vision. I told the story, and everything got quiet. I felt a really warm feeling in my heart. I was sure that it was the Spirit. We explained what it was that happened, then looked at C. She was silent, just staring at the picture in the pamphlet. She looks up, and says: ''I don't believe it.'' DANG IT! Dangit, dangit, DANGIT! Luckily, she agreed to read and pray. She wasn't against what we had taught, but she just didn't have the belief yet. I'm happy that she was open enought to at least read and pray though.
   But, I don't think I have any new stories to tell. Sorry about that. But, I took a bunch of pictures! I hope you all enjoy them!

I love you all so so so much,

Elder Alex Hobbs

PS, I lost my cash card. I think it fell from my pocket in a taxi. Please cancel the card when possible. I'm not in a hurry for cash right now, as I don't need any more souveniers any time soon. But I would love to get another package full of pictures from you all! :)

DSC03602 This is A. She got baptized on Saturday, she's also one of L's children. She got some glasses, so we decided to take a picture.
DSC03613 A cool sunset on the Chinese City of Kilamba
DSC03616 Some kids threw rocks and dirt and garbage into the baptismal font, so Elder Pimentel and I ran by to clean it out!
DSC03620 Luanda, Angola baptisms on the 10 of August
DSC03623 (Left to Right) Elder Pimentel, A (L's daughter), Me, Joice (Lemba's grand daughter), President Merrill, Maria (L's daughter)
DSC03624 This was really funny: Elder Pimentel had a head cold, and his sinuses were clogged up. So sister recommended that he breathe in some steam from a pot of boinling water. Also, she soaked a rag in the water and put it on Elder Pimentel's face. It was really funny because he was a little scared he couldn't breathe. He kept saying: ''How do you say 'afogar' in Ingles?'' ('Afogar' means 'to drown'). It was really funny.

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