Monday, November 4, 2013

August 19, 2013


   School already? That was fast. Summer is just starting up here. It's been getting just a lil' bit toasty for Angola, but all the members still complain that it's cold. I won't lie, I do get a little cold with them sometimes. I'm probably going to die in January. I've been told that my current date for return is January 22, but that could change by a few days. If you're marked for the first part of February, I'll be there... unless I get voluntold. Rare, but possible.
   This week has been really super fast for me. I think that the transfer will also be really really fast. We had a lot of lessons done with less active members and recent converts, so it was good. We've been helping some of the young women in the branch start doing visiting teaching. They first gave us the excuse that they didn't know where eachother had lived, so we showed them. Then, they didn't have the family's number and address, so we got that for them too. They've planned a day this week to go and pass by the house. I really hope that they do, because visiting and home teaching is something that will make or brake this place. We need our newer members to get fellowshipped fast. Elder Pimentel really likes to just baptize like crazy, but I'm trying to get some fellowshipping done at the same time. Luckily we're in the most organized branch in the country!
   I'm glad to hear that Luxana got her letter. I thought she would like that. I saw the video of Weston flinging mud at Mom. He probably thinks he's so tough does't he? haha. Owen's looking like he's getting ripped. That's really cool. I hope I can do the same when I get back. Keep P90X ready for me! 
   My current hopes for school is to go in the fall, so that I can work a little, save up some cash, and also do P90X and get ripped. I'm not sure when the cutoff is for fall, but let me know and I can work through it with you. I'm not even 100% sure where I want to go. BYU-I looks nice, but I am also considering going to a school with Taylor. I haven't talked or planned too much with him yet either though. Also, a lot of missionaries are suggesting BYU provo. It would be fun, but I still don't know what to do with all of that. What do you all think? 
   I got to do another Helping Hands service project on Saturday. Yellow vest and everything. It was a blood drive. The health department came and set up some lawn chairs in the chapel, and did tests, applications, the whole bit. The church provided lunch and missionaries to help out (no, we did not donate). We got asked to go try and advertise in front. It was very awkward to ask people for their blood on the spot like that. Most people promised to come back for lunch and never came back. There was one drunk man who wanted to donate, but we told him that if he had been drinking, he couldn't. He was a little disappointed, but he'll live.
   Not a whole lot of new things happening. Tonight, we have a family night with L and we're inviting a less active girl to come, and L's bringing some family members. It should be good. L's also told us that she's going to be married soon. I'm excited for that.
   Well, I love you all a ton. Please keep sending pics, vids, and details. I miss you all so much!

Love Elder Alex Hobbs

DSC03627 Helping Hands! (Mãos que Ajudam)

DSC03628 This is the bus that pulled up into the chapel with all of their blood supplies. They got 15 litres by the end of the day.

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