Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 17, 2012

Querida Família,

  Woo! This week was awesome! It feels really good to finally be able
to do a bunch of work in your own area! The area itself is kind of
wilted, but this week, we hit it up hard here! We were dropping cards
and pamphlets everywhere! Plus we picked up 6 new investigators! It's
  Yea, things with Elder Kelsey are awesome. We get each other's humor
and we're both ready to go into the heat. Plus, studies get done
pretty much without fail, something that not a lot of missionaries
like. But it feels awesome!
  There wasn't a lot of news this week, but I'll give you all the
rundown for all your questions: only my copy of my passport was lost,
so the social security number is safe. Christmas EVE is when I'll see
you on Skype. I'll be using the Thompson's computer, so the internet
should be alright. If not, they'll let me give you all a call.  But the scheduled time (if I calculated daylight savings right)
will be 17h here, and 10h for you there. BUT: there is a confusion
with the daylight time, so it might be 11h for you there. I would just
be ready around 10h. But that's the plan for now! I'm excited!
  So as for now, we've started giving around half of our focus to an
area called Sapú. It's across the street from a place called Golfe,
and our hope is to build up enough members there to put a branch down
to link up the city. It would be AWESOME! I'm loving it because the
area of Sapú is very ''Africany''. It's calm, the road is dust, and
there's imbondeiros and palm trees there. Way cool.
  But I'm doing well. I've started to set some new goals, because the
last few transfers have left me feeling like I haven't been fulfilling
my potential. So I've set some goals for the days, weeks, and
transfer, and I'm already feeling better. I'm super happy right now,
so don't be worrying about me!
  Well, I hope you all have a good week, and I'll see you on Christmas Eve!


Elder Alex Hobbs

Friday, December 14, 2012

December 10, 2012

A Família Hobbs,

   Alright, let's hit the good stuff first: Christmas is comin!!! Wooo! I can't wait to talk with all y'all! It's gonna be so fun! We've been practicing singing Christmas Hymns for our Christmas Eve party that we'll have. It'll be nice. Also, we get to (or have been told to by President Kretly) to go caroling on Christmas itself. It'll be awesome.
   But not as awesome as my companion! He rocks! He's really, quiet, but he's also super cool. We got in so much work these past few days! This area is going places this transfer. We're going to find teach and baptize the whole block! haha. Also, we've been given permission from the branch president to train all of the presidencies of the auxilaries of the branch. Our district is the oldest in the mission, and all of us are pretty experienced and know what to do. Woo!
   Yea, I got robbed. I was just doin' email and some kid lifted my backpack. I lost my camera, document copies, bank cards, my dictionary and 140$ that has to come from my personal cash (scriptures are safe). But the cool thing is: I'm not mad. I don't want to sound like mister goodie goodie, but if the crowd of Angolans caught that guy, I would forgive him (Angolans hate theives, and probably would have tried to seriously hurt the guy) and save him. And it felt good. Who am I to judge another when I walk with this big old beam in my eye?
   Woah, I'm getting cash... thank you all so much! Please pay tithing on anything that comes in... the white handbook says I need to pay tithing to my home ward on funds recieved from home. I'll make a deal: I'll buy some food, but I'm going to use some on cool Africa stuff... and the food probably shouldn't be KFC... it costs like 20$ for a little sandwich with fries.... hahaha but it is FINGER LICKIN GOOD!!!
   For Christmas Skyping, I'm actually not quite sure yet what will be the plan... President said that they would try to do the same thing that the Waltons did for Mother's day, but he hasn't given us a schedule yet. If not, I know a really nice cyber that will not fail us that has Skype abilities. Tentatavely plan for 9h00 your time, 16h00 my time, because that is what my companion said he'd be alright with, but it isn't set in stone: I'll be sure to let you all know next week.
   Weston: Your friends are what is known as ''skibums'' it is a new form of hippie. hahaha. Do well in Spanish.
   Luxana: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is school?
   I love it out here so much. The area is going to be hard, as it kind of died a little when I didn't have a companion, but now it's going to boom! I'm going to live it up! (Year mark and half mark both come this transfer) But I still miss you all more than you can know!

Lots of love,

Elder Alex Hobbs

Friday, December 7, 2012

December 3, 2012


   Transfer week has happened... and a bunch of big news with that! We're opening 3 new areas here in Luanda! One new area in the existing Viana branch, and 2 new areas in the brand new Benfica branch!!! WOOOOO!!!! Plus, I get a companion! His name is Elder Kelsey. He's one of the older guys, and is actually in the next group to go home. He's enlisted in the marines, and is pretty hilarious. It'll be interesting though, because the area that we're in is the area that he used to work before he left for the provenance. I'm excited though. I can't wait to do some major work with him though!
   Other than that, the week has been pretty quiet. I didn't have too many lessons, but of the ones that I did have, they were all extra super spiritually powerful! I'll tell you what, faith is awesome!
   My birthday went well. Thank you all for your birthday wishes, and my present! I loved it! I kept my birthday pretty quiet from everyone. Very few people actually knew that it happened. Next year though, I'm going to voice it from the roof tops, because Elder Tolman says that you get a TON of stuff from members that way. »:) haha But I loved my birthday card, and the muffins tasted great! I'm excited for Christmas!!
   I have a couple of ideas of what I want Owen to have for Christmas... I'll send them in a separate email though. Mwahahahaha!!!
   Man, it is HOT here! When it rains, the humidity sky rockets, and it rains about every 2 or 3 days! It's getting super hot. I'll have to listen to the radios in taxis to get a temperature for you all, but it's going to be high!
   That Christmas card looks pretty good! Hahaha. Can't wait to talk in a few weeks!
   I love you all a TON! Let me know if my letters get to ya, I sent 2 or 3 your way about a month ago. As for packages, I wouldn't worry too much about them. I think most other people just pay through the nose to send them, so if you do send anything, just send a small one under 2.2 lbs, and I'll be happy to get it. I'll ask around to see if there's a cheaper way, but if not, don't worry about it. Just send me a million letters!!!

I love you all a bunch! I'm doing well here, and I'm pretty sure this next transfer is going to rock socks!!!

Love, love, love!!

Elder Alex Hobbs

November 27, 2012

Para a família Hobbes,

   Sorry that this letter is getting to all of you so late! Our new house doesn't have a lot of Cyber cafés around it, and on Monday, no one had energy. Yesterday, all of Luanda was without internet. It was crazy!
   Things here in Angola are starting to get pretty Africanesque. The hot African sun is out every other day between African rains, the combination of which is a series of very hot, humid days. It's been a blast though. I love Angolans so much.
   The Thanksgiving party was modest, but nice. We did have an excess of Turkey, but that's about it. But it all tasted great! Mashed potatoes, gravy, fruit salad. It reminded me of the states. Plus, it was nice to chat with the missionaries and couples. We had a lot of fun!
   Yea, it was better a little this last week when it comes to lessons and getting with members. It was still hard though. But this coming week is looking awesome! I had an awesome day yesterday with a member named D. We taught 3 very very VERY important lessons that helped all investigators involved make some big steps.
   We visited A and her sister, P. A had had a hard week. She and her kids had all gotten sick (she had polidismo, the African form of Malaria), and two of her friends had died that week. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation, and it was amazing. P understood, and resolved a lot of doubts, and A felt the Spirit. I hope that she knows that she can rely on the Lord for strength in trials.
   I've sure learned a lot about that these past few weeks. Faith and power are very closely related. The Lord has helped me a lot. He's been my companion for this transfer. 
   We also saw K, and worked with him to substitute tempting situations (alcohol with friends) for good things, like work, exercise, etc. Also, D is going to follow up with him each day on his drinking (D was once big into alcohol, drugs, and gangs).
   Last, we saw O. He's been getting very sick and has said that he's lost some faith. We spoke of faith, fasting, and the Word of Wisdom. He's going to be fasting and is going to do all he can to live the Word of Wisdom.
   Yea, it's my last day of being nineteen. It's kind of strange, getting this old. Hmmm. Weird.
    I love all the pictures! Make sure to send lots of Christmas ones alright?

I love you guys BUÉ!!!!

Elder Alex Hobbs

PS I took out about 40$ for some food, taxis, etc. The mission is having some confusions with payments, so I've been out of cash for like a week. It should be better this next month though.