Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 30, 2012

Família de Hobbs,

  Wow! Things are really starting to change back at home! Mom's got
another job, Weston's hair is the longest that I've ever seen it, and
my main man Owen has made years! Happy Birthday Owen. You're 13 now?
XE! É muito, cara! Fez o que por seu aniversário? Quero ouvir disso no
proximo email ou carta aight? I guess mom's gift to you was a flooded
basement? Haha just kidding. She's letting you go to Sandcreek!
Alright! That's what you wanted right? You must be so excited! Happy
birthday bro!
  Things are really nice here. Transfer calls just came in, and dad,
you were right... I'm gonna get to adjust to my new area really well:
I'm training! I get to stay in the Terra Nova area and train Elder
Hyde. I'm pretty excited. I feel like the mission culture needs to
change a little, and now I get to help it! I also had better start
perfecting Português, or that'll be hard. But I'm excited to be a dad
in truth. And this will all be done without a mission president. Crazy
  I'm even more excited about our area. We have a lot people that are
pretty much members without baptisms. I've told you about C. He
should get a baptism date very soon. Then there's A, S,
F, and I see a new man that we've met, E all progressing
in the gospel very well. This next transfer is going to be a lot of
work, but if I put it in, I think that there will also be a lot of
  So Jake is off to the Centro de Treinamento dos Missionários na
quarta-feira? Wow. That seems so fast! People that I knew from
childhood are getting so old! Weston hanging out with Spencer and
Logan is just crazy to me! I really hope that Spencer comes around to
going on a mission. He hasn't emailed me in a while. Most of my
friends have lost contact with me since the email rules happened, but
I hope that letters will come. I'd like to send some out, but I don't
have adresses. Or envelopes. Or stamps. hahaha. Victory Africa!
  I can't wait to do family vacations again! Our Nauvoo trip was so
much fun! I think that when I come home, we should definately make a
Yellowstone trip or two. I miss you all so much!
  I love you guys! I can't wait to meet you all again, and cook you
some kisaca, funge, e frango frito! Not to mention Angola Burgers.

Bué de amor,

Elder Alex Hobbs

 P.S. I don't know if you all understood 2 emails ago, but I got robbed...

P.S.S. Tell Weston and Owen that I am a Futebol fan now.

July 23, 2012

Para minha família amado,

   Well it sounds like you all had a very nice week this past week! Pooles, campouts, blessings, and more baseball than you can handle. Sounds about right!
   Things have been going well here. I'm having a little trouble adjusting to this area. It's a really big one, and all of our investigators live super far apart. Lesson count goes down. Ùpa! But the people here are so so SO very nice.
   The week was a fun one. We've been without power for like 3 days, but it just came back last night... and now we're out of water! Welcome to Terra Nova, haha. I'm doing well, I've been healthy. Not a whole lot of highlights for this past week.
   Do you all remember R and P? They're doing so much better! R will have a birthday this week, and Elder Chandler and I want to get her something. I'm thinking I'll probably want to get her some ice cream. Their family is really poor, and I think that her mom is scraping together all that she can for her. But I know that she'll love it!
   I think I forgot to tell you guys that I pretty much performed and excorcism last week. Haha, no, just kidding. One of our investigator's girlfriends got freaked out about having a spirit in her house, so we went over and said a prayer for them. Angolans are really big into spirits and dreams and visions. But the members of the church are very good at learning about how to recognize when something is real or not. But I just thought I would mention that. :)
   President Thompson is still having visa problems. We hope that he gets here soon though. But in the mean time, soccar at the mission home is very fun to do each pday! My goalieing is getting better and better.
   You guys will never believe this, but I'm learning how to cook! Elder Chandler is very nice about showing me a few things, and I'm getting better at it. I can't wait to cook you all some funge, arroz doce, and Angolan burgers!
   My Português is also very well. It definately needs work, but I'm getting by very well. Also, I think that I will learn French in the future. It's very similar, and I think I could get it down if I wanted to!
   I love you guys so very very much. I can't wait to hear from you all again, and to see you in January 2014!


Elder Alex Hobbs

Monday, July 16, 2012

June 16, 2012

Minha família amado,
   Wow! It sounds like summer in the states is really getting busy! Utah to Wyoming to Idaho... in a week? You guys are stir crazy from school and winter haha. How are the Pooles doing? Tudo bem com eles? Espero que sim, e quero ouvir mais deles. Eles precisam escrever uma carta ou vou falar em Português só! And in our defense, the man we were going to give a hitch hike to was a happy Chinese man. He would never hurt us!
   Thank you so much for sending letters you guys. I LOVE them. And thanks a TOA for buying me a new charger for my camera. You all still need to see a picture of the taxis that I ride in! Hey mom: do you want an Angolan dress or shirt of some sort? There are lots of mães on the street that vend fabric and make clothing. I'll get some pictures for ya and see what kind of fabric you want and what style.
   The mission life is going well. My new area is a lot closer to what I imagined it would be when I left for the MTC. A fairly nice apartment, stepping out in the morning, seeing some palm trees, walking down a dirt road with some sort of African music playing, little children running around. 'Sigh' I just love to breathe in Angola. Things are going well with investigators. I wish we had a few more progressing, but the ones that are progressing are coming to Christ really fast!!! One man's name is C. He speaks English, and is super cool. He really loves the feel that he gets when he comes to church. He hasn't quite gotten confirmation on the LdM, but he did imply to us that he wanted to be baptized. I think he's really excited.~
   R and P had a hard time this past week. They got into some fights, and it got pretty unhappy. R had felt like she didn't have any friends (she can't speak Português), and was really alone and bored. P kind of has some bad influences. He's getting put to work for his uncle's automechanic shop. But, we took some time on a day to visit with R, give her something to do (we're writing a play together because she likes theatre), and to watch P play some futeball. They're a lot happier now.
   I'm starting to get pretty good at futeball myself. Each week, the missionaries in Luanda go to the old mission home in Taletona (the Violin's are there. they're the mission couple that is looking after us until President Thompson gets here) to play some futeball. I play goalie, and I'm starting to get pretty good at it... and I'm not just saying that: I blocked a penalty shot from Elder Violin today (he is a 40 year old Brazilian man who is very passionate about soccar)! So you should all get a ball and practice, because when I come home, you're not getting anything past me!
   I miss you guys a TOA! I can't wait to get some more letters from ya (I need to get writing too, don't I? haha). 

Elder Alex Hobbs

P.S. Eu fui roubado este dia de preparação passado...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 9, 2012

Para minha família amado,

   I got your guys' letters today! I was very excited to be the first missionary here to get 4 letters at once! I have the record! Thanks for all of the encouragement that you sent. It was very nice!
   So, President and Sister Walton left. We are currently without a mission president. We're waiting for President Thompson to arrive, but I heard he only got a temporary visa, so we might not see him for another week or two. Scary! But on the bright side, I am still loving my mission. Elder Chandler is a very fun companion. Things were a little slow this week, because people constantly fell through, so it was a little slower harder of a week. But, I think if we do things right, this next one should be a really good one.
   Angolans: I love 'em. They're wonderful, kindhearted people, many of whom are ready to hear the gospel. Here's the story for the week: We got into a ''mini taxi'' (very sketchy, never do that after dark), and he drove us our route, but didn't fill up the taxi. It was like our own private ride! However, when the trip ended he tried to charge us 500kw instead of 200kw, so in other words, he wanted us to pay for all the empty seats. Elder Chandler and him argued for a moment, so I came in and told him we would settle for 300kw. He said 400kw. I said 350kw. He said no and started playing the religious card haha. So Elder Chandler said. Ok, we'll give you 350kw, and a book that's worth 200kw. The book, of course was a Livro de Mórmon, haha. So, we'll see if that seed ever sprouts.
   We grilled some chicken last night. It was awesome.
   Thanks for all your pictures. I have voice and pics for ya, but once again we went to the wrong café. I promise you that I'm taking my recorder and camera with me each time though, so that when we go to the right one, I can send 'em to ya.
   However, I have a little bit of bad news... I lost my camera charger. It got lost somewhere during the 2 moves I had to do. I think another elder may have picked it up, but everyone says they don't know where it is. I can last a little while and save the charges for the really cool pictures, and then start using elder chandlers (he's getting a camera from home that has the same battery), but that is a little temporary. If you ever get a chance to send a package, I think I'd like a new charger if possible :) The battery type is a SONY Type G lithium ion NP-BG1. The camera model is a SONY CYBERSHOT G, model # 560159. I would really like a new charger if possible, but no rush.
   I love you guys. I continue to think of you all each day. I'd love to do a baseball trip with you all. Well, I guess we'll see in 2014! I love you all so much!

Parabéns a você,
Nesta data querida!
Muitas felicidades,
Muitos anos de vida!

Hoje é dia de festa,
Cantam as nossas almas!
Para a menina Luxana,
Uma salva de palmas!

   I wish you a very happy birthday! You'll be 6!! Make sure you eat a big piece of cake for me ok! (But no Orange Leaf until I get back!)  Love ya sis,

Elder Alex Hobbs

July 2, 2012

Minha família. Tá bater? Tudo bárille?
Try translating that on Google. It's calão. hahahaha. (slang)
   So, things here have been great. The cockroaches are falling back in our war, and I finally got to go to Shoprite and get some good food. (better than the ghetto Kero haha). I got to help fill up our baptismal font by bucket on Saturday. Our font here has a leak, and President doesn't like ocean baptisms (dang it). I also got to confirm two kids from Congo that only speak English. Their names are Rebbecca and Peugar. They are so funny! Sorry I don't have pics this week. I forgot my memory card. But in Terra Nova, we have the absolute nicest internet café I've seen here. The internet is super fast. I shouldn't have problems downloading stuff, so feel free.
   I live with the Zls now, so I get lots of rides in their truck. It's really nice. Weather here is getting really cold. It's been like 25 degrees celcius here almost all week! (80 farenheit. haha suckers) People in this area are just to prepared to hear the gospel. They recognize the Spirit real easy, and are very willing to hear and learn from what we have to say. One man who was referenced to us from another dupla is named P. He was given a pamphlet. He then taught us the lesson about the Restoration. haha. He'll be getting baptized on the 21st.
   It's kind of weird hearing about Sam coming and Jake going. It sounds like their having a lot of fun and doing well though. It's even weirder to say that I've been on the mission for six months! WHAt? Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you: I extended my mission by 3 weeks. :)
   The letter situation is hysterical. I went into the postal office today with one of the Zone leaders, and it is the absolute worst bureucracy I've ever seen in my life. Do not ever get upset at US government office waits. haha. We had to fill out like 3 declarations, and go back and forth between offices to get a package. it was crazy! But don't worry: letters aren't part of the craziness. Send letters freely. haha. Send me a letter with an international stamp (costs about $1) to this address:

  Elder Alex Hobbs
Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos S.U.D
   Caixa Postal 18404
     Luanda, Angola
I have to switch to email only with family from now on, so I gave all my friends my mailing address and will tell them:
Or, if $1 is too much money, you can email at my old account, frysauce01@yahoo.com and I'll have my parents forward the emails to me, although I won't be able to email back.
Let me know if you can't do that. President Walton says that that's the only way for friends to email me.
 As for packages, we have some specific instructions. I think Sister Walton will email you some, but this is what I know:
 You can send packages less than 2.2 lbs to the address above, but if you want to send something that is MORE than 2.2 lbs, you have to send it 'express' to get to that post office. If you don't send it express, It will be super hard for them to pick it up.
   Also, from what I saw today, don't send drugs. haha. They open your package in front of the Zone leaders. Also, if you send anything that could be considered ''valuable'' make sure to open it up from the box and make it look used. My zl got some CDs, and had to declare their price. (bureaucracy crazy). Also, if you send anything express, you need to email the tracking number to the mission office so that they can get it.
Yea. Mail. crazy. But it is a step forward. The people here are really working hard to make a change (that's saying something. I love Angolans, but they are some of the laziest people I've met) here in their country.
   Also, it feels so strange. I feel like I've learned so much out here. Like, I'm more mature now. I've had to learn how to deal with people. Also, we were talking about it today: the church trusts us so much. We are paid almost 600 dollars a month, get other things for free, and wear their nametags out every day. I either makes you grow up or go home. Weird thing to think about.
   Weston is finally an Eagle? DAAANG. Owen should get on that too. It might not matter to him now, but the Eagle Scout Award gets you a lot of rewards in the future. It helps with resumés, schooling, and I hear you can get out of a ticket if you ''accidentally'' pull it out on a cop haha.
I miss you all a toa. Bue. TOA TOA TOA TOA!!!! I think of you all all the time.
   Vos-amo. Com todo de meu coração,
Elder Alex Hobbs

June 25, 2012

Minha família!!!
  Para bems!! O tempo de baseball começou de novo eh? haha sempre
sempre com baseball convosco.
  Owen!! Que que isso? Tu deves ir para scout camp!! Posso dizer que
(embora que não queria antes de eu sai) cada vez foi cheio de
divertido!!! Tu vais gostar de scout camp. Posso prometer. Se quiser,
tragas um amigo contigo! Pode ser qualquer pessoa! Não precisa ser um
membro da igreja, ou uma pessoa de mesma idade de tu. Então, meu
conselho: VAIS!!! haha
  Um cão novo yea?! Eu ouvi sobre Rider, haha. Já vi isso. Sabia que
isso aconteceria!!!
  Back to English. Well, I'm in a new area now!! I got removed from
the best home in the mission to the worst one within 5 days haha. I'm
in a little area called Terra Nova, a part of Luanda that I absolutely
LOVE!! Sure, the house is a little sub par, but to be honest, I feel
like this area will be better than the last one. I have a new
companion, Elder Chandler. He went to the MTC the same time as me, and
is my best friend on the mission. The people in the area are super
nice, and very ready to hear the gospel. Also, I get study time in the
mornings again!!! WOOHOOO!!!
  Life here is absolutely amazing you guys!! Hey, I hope you heard
the news: We got a new mailbox here, and it is open. Do not send
anything through the Reedys anymore. They're a little overwhelmed with
packages and asked us to stop. However, Sister Walton said that she
emailed all parents the address for the new mission box. They're still
experimenting with packages, so maybe wait a few weeks and wait for
the word from me or Sister before you send a package, but letters are
good to go! I can also send some through some members that I know
here, so that should be nice!
  I can't wait to see you guys again, and I love you all SUPER MUCH!!!!

Elder Alex Hobbs

June 18, 2012

Hey family!!

I'm happy that things are still going well at home... except for fish and water heaters!!!
   Haha I think that I might just have to start writing home in Portugues for every p day now!! Google translate. Cheaters. haha. Anyhow, things here are awesome. We had another 2 baptisms this past Saturday. I got to baptize another one of C's sisters. That family is totally awesome!!
   In the mean time, we found a new house. It isis very nice and has hot water! Score one for the good guys!! I am doing very well, although things are a little crazy because the Waltons will be leaving in 3 weeks. Yikes!
   Sorry that this email is so small. We didn't have as much time this week to write and my time on the computer is about to run out!!
Amo-lhes muito. Espero que vocês continuam para ficar felizes!!!

Elder Alex Hobbs