Monday, July 16, 2012

June 16, 2012

Minha família amado,
   Wow! It sounds like summer in the states is really getting busy! Utah to Wyoming to Idaho... in a week? You guys are stir crazy from school and winter haha. How are the Pooles doing? Tudo bem com eles? Espero que sim, e quero ouvir mais deles. Eles precisam escrever uma carta ou vou falar em Português só! And in our defense, the man we were going to give a hitch hike to was a happy Chinese man. He would never hurt us!
   Thank you so much for sending letters you guys. I LOVE them. And thanks a TOA for buying me a new charger for my camera. You all still need to see a picture of the taxis that I ride in! Hey mom: do you want an Angolan dress or shirt of some sort? There are lots of mães on the street that vend fabric and make clothing. I'll get some pictures for ya and see what kind of fabric you want and what style.
   The mission life is going well. My new area is a lot closer to what I imagined it would be when I left for the MTC. A fairly nice apartment, stepping out in the morning, seeing some palm trees, walking down a dirt road with some sort of African music playing, little children running around. 'Sigh' I just love to breathe in Angola. Things are going well with investigators. I wish we had a few more progressing, but the ones that are progressing are coming to Christ really fast!!! One man's name is C. He speaks English, and is super cool. He really loves the feel that he gets when he comes to church. He hasn't quite gotten confirmation on the LdM, but he did imply to us that he wanted to be baptized. I think he's really excited.~
   R and P had a hard time this past week. They got into some fights, and it got pretty unhappy. R had felt like she didn't have any friends (she can't speak Português), and was really alone and bored. P kind of has some bad influences. He's getting put to work for his uncle's automechanic shop. But, we took some time on a day to visit with R, give her something to do (we're writing a play together because she likes theatre), and to watch P play some futeball. They're a lot happier now.
   I'm starting to get pretty good at futeball myself. Each week, the missionaries in Luanda go to the old mission home in Taletona (the Violin's are there. they're the mission couple that is looking after us until President Thompson gets here) to play some futeball. I play goalie, and I'm starting to get pretty good at it... and I'm not just saying that: I blocked a penalty shot from Elder Violin today (he is a 40 year old Brazilian man who is very passionate about soccar)! So you should all get a ball and practice, because when I come home, you're not getting anything past me!
   I miss you guys a TOA! I can't wait to get some more letters from ya (I need to get writing too, don't I? haha). 

Elder Alex Hobbs

P.S. Eu fui roubado este dia de preparação passado...

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