Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 9, 2012

Para minha família amado,

   I got your guys' letters today! I was very excited to be the first missionary here to get 4 letters at once! I have the record! Thanks for all of the encouragement that you sent. It was very nice!
   So, President and Sister Walton left. We are currently without a mission president. We're waiting for President Thompson to arrive, but I heard he only got a temporary visa, so we might not see him for another week or two. Scary! But on the bright side, I am still loving my mission. Elder Chandler is a very fun companion. Things were a little slow this week, because people constantly fell through, so it was a little slower harder of a week. But, I think if we do things right, this next one should be a really good one.
   Angolans: I love 'em. They're wonderful, kindhearted people, many of whom are ready to hear the gospel. Here's the story for the week: We got into a ''mini taxi'' (very sketchy, never do that after dark), and he drove us our route, but didn't fill up the taxi. It was like our own private ride! However, when the trip ended he tried to charge us 500kw instead of 200kw, so in other words, he wanted us to pay for all the empty seats. Elder Chandler and him argued for a moment, so I came in and told him we would settle for 300kw. He said 400kw. I said 350kw. He said no and started playing the religious card haha. So Elder Chandler said. Ok, we'll give you 350kw, and a book that's worth 200kw. The book, of course was a Livro de Mórmon, haha. So, we'll see if that seed ever sprouts.
   We grilled some chicken last night. It was awesome.
   Thanks for all your pictures. I have voice and pics for ya, but once again we went to the wrong café. I promise you that I'm taking my recorder and camera with me each time though, so that when we go to the right one, I can send 'em to ya.
   However, I have a little bit of bad news... I lost my camera charger. It got lost somewhere during the 2 moves I had to do. I think another elder may have picked it up, but everyone says they don't know where it is. I can last a little while and save the charges for the really cool pictures, and then start using elder chandlers (he's getting a camera from home that has the same battery), but that is a little temporary. If you ever get a chance to send a package, I think I'd like a new charger if possible :) The battery type is a SONY Type G lithium ion NP-BG1. The camera model is a SONY CYBERSHOT G, model # 560159. I would really like a new charger if possible, but no rush.
   I love you guys. I continue to think of you all each day. I'd love to do a baseball trip with you all. Well, I guess we'll see in 2014! I love you all so much!

Parabéns a você,
Nesta data querida!
Muitas felicidades,
Muitos anos de vida!

Hoje é dia de festa,
Cantam as nossas almas!
Para a menina Luxana,
Uma salva de palmas!

   I wish you a very happy birthday! You'll be 6!! Make sure you eat a big piece of cake for me ok! (But no Orange Leaf until I get back!)  Love ya sis,

Elder Alex Hobbs

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