Thursday, July 12, 2012

June 18, 2012

Hey family!!

I'm happy that things are still going well at home... except for fish and water heaters!!!
   Haha I think that I might just have to start writing home in Portugues for every p day now!! Google translate. Cheaters. haha. Anyhow, things here are awesome. We had another 2 baptisms this past Saturday. I got to baptize another one of C's sisters. That family is totally awesome!!
   In the mean time, we found a new house. It isis very nice and has hot water! Score one for the good guys!! I am doing very well, although things are a little crazy because the Waltons will be leaving in 3 weeks. Yikes!
   Sorry that this email is so small. We didn't have as much time this week to write and my time on the computer is about to run out!!
Amo-lhes muito. Espero que vocês continuam para ficar felizes!!!

Elder Alex Hobbs

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