Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 30, 2012

Família de Hobbs,

  Wow! Things are really starting to change back at home! Mom's got
another job, Weston's hair is the longest that I've ever seen it, and
my main man Owen has made years! Happy Birthday Owen. You're 13 now?
XE! É muito, cara! Fez o que por seu aniversário? Quero ouvir disso no
proximo email ou carta aight? I guess mom's gift to you was a flooded
basement? Haha just kidding. She's letting you go to Sandcreek!
Alright! That's what you wanted right? You must be so excited! Happy
birthday bro!
  Things are really nice here. Transfer calls just came in, and dad,
you were right... I'm gonna get to adjust to my new area really well:
I'm training! I get to stay in the Terra Nova area and train Elder
Hyde. I'm pretty excited. I feel like the mission culture needs to
change a little, and now I get to help it! I also had better start
perfecting Português, or that'll be hard. But I'm excited to be a dad
in truth. And this will all be done without a mission president. Crazy
  I'm even more excited about our area. We have a lot people that are
pretty much members without baptisms. I've told you about C. He
should get a baptism date very soon. Then there's A, S,
F, and I see a new man that we've met, E all progressing
in the gospel very well. This next transfer is going to be a lot of
work, but if I put it in, I think that there will also be a lot of
  So Jake is off to the Centro de Treinamento dos Missionários na
quarta-feira? Wow. That seems so fast! People that I knew from
childhood are getting so old! Weston hanging out with Spencer and
Logan is just crazy to me! I really hope that Spencer comes around to
going on a mission. He hasn't emailed me in a while. Most of my
friends have lost contact with me since the email rules happened, but
I hope that letters will come. I'd like to send some out, but I don't
have adresses. Or envelopes. Or stamps. hahaha. Victory Africa!
  I can't wait to do family vacations again! Our Nauvoo trip was so
much fun! I think that when I come home, we should definately make a
Yellowstone trip or two. I miss you all so much!
  I love you guys! I can't wait to meet you all again, and cook you
some kisaca, funge, e frango frito! Not to mention Angola Burgers.

Bué de amor,

Elder Alex Hobbs

 P.S. I don't know if you all understood 2 emails ago, but I got robbed...

P.S.S. Tell Weston and Owen that I am a Futebol fan now.

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