Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 4, 2013


   The week went by very well! Elder Castleton and I have worked extra hard this week to be exactly obedient... and the blessings have come! We're finding families, potential priesthood holders, and less actives are starting to come back to the fold. Our lesson count went up, as well as quality of lessons, and it's making me excited! As for other news, there isn't much. We had an interview for a young man named C, and he'll be getting baptized on the 16. It should be nice, because we've been having a hard time getting people to walk with us in this branch.
   MC is going on his mission in 3 days. He'll be off to South Africa. He's the singer from the boy band ''Dream Boyz''. You ought to check out some of their stuff and see if you like it!
   I loved the videos for this week. The Reclaim was really fun to see some of the old IF town. Plus, I can't wait to get back home and get pinned by my sister too! haha. But it sounds like things at home are going well.
   We're having a 70, Elder Cook, come to Angola on Saturday. He's in our area presidency, and I'm excited for the conference. I hope that a lot of things will get done!
   I've been feeling much better this past week. We get fed a lot and I've started exercising again. Things are just looking up. The Spirit has been speaking a lot more, and I'm excited for the area. Here's my spiritual story for the week:
   I was in a taxi, just going from point A to point B, when I saw a little girl sitting on the Baúke (it's a little bench that children and the cobrador sit on when the taxi is full. It faces the opposite direction). It was HOT, and she was sweating, and there was a bunch of music playing. Regular taxi stuff. As I looked at the sweat on her head, I thought ''man, a little girl probably hates being sweaty and hot like this'' then the thought came ''but she's probably used to it. It's Angola.'' (that's the attitude here by the way. Just shake it off and quit crying. That's how people grow here.) The girl started to get a little drowzy. As I saw her, my thoughts started to stray to how so many kids here ask us for money so they can go buy candy, and I thought ''I can't help with money. All I have is the gospel, and those little kids don't even want it'' (which is true many times, unfortunately). Then I looked over at the little girl. Without changing facial expression, a tear fell from her eye. Her mom let her lay her head on her lap after that. As I saw the tear, the Spirit whispered: ''Elder Hobbs. You HAVE to help here.'' Many of my attitudes with Angolans changed after that.
   But that's what I'm doing. I'm humbling myself, and going to work. I just hope that the Lord will let me make a big impact here.

I love you all. 11 1/2 months left! I'm going to make em count!

Elder Alex Hobbs