Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 20, 2013

Alô famíla!

   My new area is great! It has a lot of potential for some really strong family baptisms. Elder Harper is way cool. He's what you call a ''dying'' missionary, and he is very Christlike. He turned 21 yesterday.
   The branch is cool. I still go to the same chapel because it's a shared one, and things look bright as to branch organization. I still don't know a whole lot about everyone, so I'll have to keep you all posted.
   Well, President Thompson flies out here in two days. I hope I can help. 
   It looks like you're all doing well. Jello in a straw? That's just weird man! Weston, get your homework done and enjoy your Sundays! I love Sundays. They're way relaxed and have good lessons, plus Pday is tommorrow! Wooo!
   Sorry that don't have a lot of news other than that, but I'm doing well. I'll give you more news as I learn more about Benfica! Love you all!

Elder Alex Hobbs

May 13, 2013


   Wow! Skype was so much fun yesterday! I liked it a lot. It looks like Luxana is getting REALLY tall.
   Well, I got transferred. I'm going to Benfica, the branch that split off from ours only 2 transfers ago. I'll be serving in the 'A' area with Elder Harper... and I'll be serving as a  Zone Leader.     I'm a little sad to go. Our area was finally starting to see a LOT of potential. We've been meeting some really cool people, and more are starting to progress. But Benfica should be nice. They seem really organized, and I hear that the branch President is awesome. Plus it will be nice to have a companion with more experience than me to teach me just a little bit more before I become the oldest. But the house isn't as nice as the one I'm in now... sigh... hahaha
   But Skype was way good. You should all know: I took those parasite pills quite a while ago. As far as I know, I should be parasite free. I haven't eaten anything off the street since I took them, and my trips to the bathrooms are much more pleasant now.
   Also, I think I might try and buy some CDs with Angolan music on them. They'll be a little more expensive, because I've decided not to buy street music anymore... I'm going all legal from now on. hahaha no more limewire for me!
   But things are still going good here in Luanda. I'm about 99% certain I'll never see a providence while I'm here. But, I'm about 75% sure that I'll get one more area before the end of my mission. I really REALLY want to go to Viana. It'll be the last place in the city I haven't been, plus R and P are out there. It would be the perfect end to the mission. :)
   Well, I love you all so much, keep on keepin on!

Elder Alex Hobbs

May 6, 2013


  Well, mom, I made it! I now live in the nicest possible place for a
missionary to live in the entire city. Water and power never fault,
and it's nice. So I thought you would like to hear that. We moved on
Saturday, and it was way fun.
    It was a harder week. Low lesson count, stress in the house, and a
few other things, but I'm better now. Mother's day this week! I'm way
excited. I'm scheduled to skype at President Thompson's at 6pm Angola
time, which should be 11am Idaho time. If that's wrong... well, you
know what to do. :) But it's going to be so much fun. I'm at a
member's house right now. Her name is B, and she is the funniest
person you will ever meet. She's what you call a 'Mae grande' or a Big
Mama. It reminded me of her when I read Jake's story. But she's very
loud and demanding, and she's pretty much my Angolan mom. She'll laugh
at everything, and you can never make a visit with her without eating
something. Her and her two daughters are pretty much the same age on
the inside though. None of them can wake up until about ten o'clock.
  We had 2 baptisms. T and B got baptized, and it was nice.
I'll try and get pics the next time I'm at a trustworthy location.
Bibi came late to his confirmation, so he'll get confirmed next week.
But he came to watch us play some soccar today, so I think he'll be
strong as long as the missionaries walk with him.
  I wrote my talk today. It is going to be AWESOME! I really hope
that some hometeaching comes out of it.
  I got your letter! Thank you so much for the priesthood line of
authority as well. I've been wondering about that for a while. I also
really liked the story about Grandpa Earnie. And big thanks to mom for
the encouragement. Luxana: YOU ARE AN ARTIST!
  Well, I'll see all of you on Sunday! I'm excited!


Elder Alex Hobbs

April 29, 2013


  It was a long week. It was pretty hard just because I was feeling a
little overloaded.
  We were a little low on money, so I had to
supplement, but most of the money I pulled out was for personal items
and souveniers, and I plan on not pulling too much more out for a long
long time... let me know if it gets to be too much! But I'm better
now. I had some good talks with people, and I feel great and excited
for the coming week. Mom: thank you so much for all the stuff you
helped me with and cleaned for me. I get it now. :) Weston: you owe
mom something for help on your election stuff! Haha! But seriously,
congratulations broski! You are more popular than I was haha!
  Success story for the week: H and A finished all of their
documentation for marriage! They delivered everything to our branch
marriage counselor, and they plan to get married on the 31 of May, and
they'll get baptized the next day. Á final!
  But other than that it was a slow week. We watched conference,
which was nice, but I didn't get a lot out of it. We were in the back
and couldn't hear, so I'll have to wait for the Liahona to come out to
us. Plus, Moçambique straight up stole our spotlight! haha just
  Well, I love you all very very much, Owen, you can totally use my
rubic's cube. Á vondade!

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