Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 6, 2013


  Well, mom, I made it! I now live in the nicest possible place for a
missionary to live in the entire city. Water and power never fault,
and it's nice. So I thought you would like to hear that. We moved on
Saturday, and it was way fun.
    It was a harder week. Low lesson count, stress in the house, and a
few other things, but I'm better now. Mother's day this week! I'm way
excited. I'm scheduled to skype at President Thompson's at 6pm Angola
time, which should be 11am Idaho time. If that's wrong... well, you
know what to do. :) But it's going to be so much fun. I'm at a
member's house right now. Her name is B, and she is the funniest
person you will ever meet. She's what you call a 'Mae grande' or a Big
Mama. It reminded me of her when I read Jake's story. But she's very
loud and demanding, and she's pretty much my Angolan mom. She'll laugh
at everything, and you can never make a visit with her without eating
something. Her and her two daughters are pretty much the same age on
the inside though. None of them can wake up until about ten o'clock.
  We had 2 baptisms. T and B got baptized, and it was nice.
I'll try and get pics the next time I'm at a trustworthy location.
Bibi came late to his confirmation, so he'll get confirmed next week.
But he came to watch us play some soccar today, so I think he'll be
strong as long as the missionaries walk with him.
  I wrote my talk today. It is going to be AWESOME! I really hope
that some hometeaching comes out of it.
  I got your letter! Thank you so much for the priesthood line of
authority as well. I've been wondering about that for a while. I also
really liked the story about Grandpa Earnie. And big thanks to mom for
the encouragement. Luxana: YOU ARE AN ARTIST!
  Well, I'll see all of you on Sunday! I'm excited!


Elder Alex Hobbs

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