Monday, March 26, 2012

Baptisms Scheduled

Well, howdy family!
   Ok... I swear on my life that I DO have voice recordings and pictures for you guys. However, the way our P Day has been, I don't currently have my camera and recorder for you with me. :( I'm super super super super sorry. I really did try to get that for you all. But, lacking this, I'll give you a really big email.
   Baseball is up again eh? Haha let's hope you all have a good season. I kind of miss the nice, cool weather and the soft grass. In Cassequel 2 (my area in Luanda), the place is very similar to New York in the way of crowdedness, haha. LOTS of people here. Someone was saying that Luanda was built for 600,000 people before the Civil War, but it now has somewhere from 1.5-5 million people! This makes for a lot of investigators too. We have a lot of people to teach during the week. So many, that it gets hard to do street contacting sometimes!
   Owen is into paintball now? Que fisch! Owen: the best feeling in the world while playing paintball is called "taking someone prisoner". It happens when you sneak up on someone and get close enough to stick your gun in their back and say "drop it." Then they just go out rather than get shot, haha.
   Sounds like IF is starting to change. The Lewis family moving to Texas? É mal-loco, na? Disse ele: "Oi, chef: Volte aqui denovo eh!"
   Weston, Owen, Luxana: never ever ever ever ever ever ever complain about dinner ok? Last week, we never got our lunch schedule, and we were without power for most of the week. I usually just had bread and a multi-vitamin for lunch. But I've had 3 REALLY big meals in a row now, so I'm good. ;)
   And now... to Weston: I hope you are happy about having hot water. Because, I NEVER get hot water anymore haha. Last week, I didn't even have a shower! (We used a bucket) haha. But it was really fun. It was kind of like we were camping, but we were at home. :)
   I continue to miss home... A TON. But, I also love it here very much. The members are the nicest people that you'll ever meet. The people on the street are the second nicest people that you'll ever meet. (Even when they're drunk.)
 We have 2 people with baptismal dates all set up! Next week, we'll baptise Secilia. She is a miracle. She had a date before I came, but they met her one night when she offered the elders a ride. She had just left the Catholic church because she said that the Jesus on the Cross that was everywhere in the churches freaked her out, haha. The elders told her that we didn't have any of that in our church, and they invited her to come. Later, she got a Book of Mormon and read very quickly, understanding EVERYTHING, even the Isaiah chapters she said. She came to church every Sunday, and now participates in Institute! She was prepared by the Lord, and when she found the gospel, she just ate it up!
 With Secilia, we had another Elder tell us: "be thankful for her, she's the last person like that you'll get. Your miracles are over!" he said jokingly. The next day, we sat with a man named Satiro. He had been taught all of the required items for baptism, but then he just stopped coming to church and hearing the lessons. His girlfriend had told him that she didn't want him to be baptised. We were able to sit with him once and invite him to church. He came, and we were very excited! We sat with him again, and asked if we could sit with him and his girlfriend so that we could explain the church to her. She had dumped him. We told him we were sorry, but he told us that it was a good thing, and that his biggest doubt from being baptised just disappeared. His date is set in April.
   We're hoping to get 2 more people with dates this week. Last week was a lot of fun for me.  He knows the Old Testament very very well. He is also the master of parables! He'll whip out parables during lessons that I've never heard or thought of before! And they're always different!
   I really can't wait to see you all when I come home. I miss you all. But I've still got some work to do. ;) I love you all so much, and I'm continuing to learn a lot each day about... well, everything!
I have pics and recs for you. I promise I'll send them ASAP (I might be able to before P day ends... I'm not sure). I love you all,
    -Elder Alex Hobbs

Monday, March 19, 2012

Eleventh Week

Por minha família,
Angola is still just this awsome place. But, unless they transfer me down to Lobongo, I won't need to use my waterproof stuff. Mozambique is jungle, but Luanda is urban jungle. Lots of city, although it's broken up from war and degredation. I love the members and people here. I talk to many people everyday. They just want to FEEL something. Many people are disappointed when we tell them that church is only on Sunday, because they want to have a spiritual experience and then go back to drinking or other stuff.
    So do you remember when I said that you just find space to drive or to walk? haha I was in a taxi, and we were on a 2 lane road... that was being used for a 4 lane road! to make things interesting, one of the middle lanes was heading the opposite direction haha. But,we're always careful with everything we do. We work hard to teach as many people as we can. From what Elder Perry has told me, the missionary work here is growing faster than the branches can keep up. We´re hoping to establish a stake soon, but it could be a while off depending on what happens on the branch side of things.
   I'm not sure, but I might end up hating techno by the time I come home haha. We live next to a dance club. They are very lound and they play very heavy bass all night on Saturdays. haha. On Saturday, I decided I was finally adjusted to the time change, and then I was up all night with the dance club next to us haha.
    Mom: don't worry about me being fed! We get fed by members for lunch every single day! And it is so much better than cafeteria food. The only weird thing I've eaten is a dried seaweed dip.... it was ok, but very bitter. But I still miss your food mom. :)
    I don't have any pics vids or voice for you all yet, but I absolutely PROMISE that I will for you next week. It's been a little crazy here, plus I don't take my camera out proselyting because we're not allowed to take pictures of police, government buildings, or statues, and there are days where there are police EVERYWHERE, so I just don't want them to get the wrong idea. But, I'm gonna muster up some courage to take my camera out one of these days. I got your voice stuff, so keep sending it. I like to hear your voices.
     I'm just about out of email time, but remember that I love you all so so so SO very much. Owen, keep up on your grades, Weston, don't demand perfection, it comes with time (go watch on "mens hearts shall fail them" by Elder Russell M. Nelson. He talks about how perfections does not come in this life, and that all we need to do is to do our best to improve daily. Don't sweat it bro! :) ) Tell Chris that the AC DC cup is here in Angola with me, and that by George, it's coming home with me! haha. Luxana, you be good for mom and dad, and I'm excited to hear your voice! I love you mom and dad. I miss you so much.
    Elder no-way-in-heck-weston-will-be-as-cool-as-me-Alex Hobbs

Monday, March 12, 2012

First letter from Angola

胵a para Angola!
I arrived safe and sound, and it is amazing here. The country is very diverse: there are places with millionaires, some places with buildings from the 70s, and other places with haition-esque shacks. I love the people here. They are very funny and very nice. They're also a little racist (they can't tell the difference between whites and chinese) hahaha. It is also sweltering hot in Luanda, so for my christmas present coming home, I want a coat. :) Sorry I haven演 gotten to the voice recorder yet, but I will have voice and pictures for all of you next week. The country really is beautiful. As soon as I become fluent in Portuese, I feel that I will fit in just fine here. The mosquitoes are very different from Idaho: There aren't very many at all. I have not used repellant since I've been here, and have not been bit, nor have I seen any. :D
To get around, we use these big "taxis" that are big blue and white vans. It usually just costs 100 kwanzas for a ride. (100 kwanzas~1 dollar) We're taught many people, but it seems like the biggest problem for our investigators (and for all people in general, members included) is keeping their appointments and getting there on time! haha. Sorry that this email is so scattered, but everything here is so different from the U.S. that I don't even know where to start! Traffic is crazy. Remember how you wait at a crosswalk for a car to stop or for a walk now sign? That is not the case anymore. you find a spot anywhere on the street, and wait for a gap in traffic. and then you go. Pretty much, you just find a path, and if you can walk there, you walk there. It may be on garbage or other things. I love it here. Everything is just absolutely amazing! Tell Chris that in 2 years, we're dropping rootbeer at the guys nights and bringing out "Blue", a soda here that just got bought out by Coke. Hopefully it comes to america, but if not, were getting it online. Any how, tell me about life at home and how everyone is doing. I have a lot more time to write email here.
When it comes to missionary work, this place is awesome! People will walk up to us and ask us about our badges. I believe that Angola truly embodies the scripture that speaks of people "not knowing where to find the gospel". They are very interested. The devil has had a lot of time to work here, and the people are tired of it. They are ready for this gospel. They had a big civil war a while ago, and they never want to go back.We don't have to shower everyday because we don't always have power. I have only have had 1 day in 3 with a full days worth of power. Its a lot like camping. I love it so much. I still need to learn how to barter though. You buy a lot of things on the street just not meat, loose leaf veggies, flavored water, or yogurt. These could kill you. but every thing else is good, and the food is great! Even the fake milk is good. It tastes like a cadburry creme egg after the chocolate taste goes away. mmmmmm. Any how, i need to write the branch pres now. I love you all so much!! email me!
Elder Alex Hobbs

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Arriving in Angola

Dear Brother and Sister Hobbs-
We just want to let you know that Elder Hobbs has arrived safely in Angola.  We are excited to have him here.  I have attached a couple of pictures of his arrival.  Your son will be serving with Elder Perry.  He is the second from the left in the picture of the 4 new missionaries together with 6 missionaries there to greet them at the airport after their 4:30 am arrival.    Elder Perry is from Minnesota.  He is excited to train your son.  Elder Hobbs will be serving in Cassequel, our largest branch located in the center of Luanda. 
You should hear from Elder Hobbs on Monday (P-day).  Don’t worry if you don’t get an email exactly on time because occasionally there are Internet problems.  Thank you for sending us your son.  We will take good care of him.
President and Sister Walton
p.s.   We are attaching the email we sent to your son prior to the MTC.  We assume all of the parents saw it, but we are re-sending just to make sure you have the information in the letter.


The following was posted on

They're Here! Four New Missionaries for Angola!!

Tired, but ready! That's how our four newest missionaries arrived in Angola at 4:30 am last Saturday. Welcome Elders Wilson, McAllister, Chandler and Hobbs. We are so excited to have 23 missionaries now serving in this wonderful mission!

We have a tradition in this mission that we have quite a welcoming committee. President and I come (of course), the zone leaders come, and the trainers come. We had more greeters than we did new missionaries arriving. But it is always a fun morning, although a bit early, as we welcome these chosen servants of the Lord to the best mission region in the world. In the back row: Elders Perry (trainer), Anhanha (zone leader), Kelsey (trainer), Bauer (zone leader), and Richter (zone leader). In the front Elders Bene (trainer), and our newest Elders Wilson, Chandler, Hobbs, and McAllister.

We made it safely to the mission home and didn't lose any luggage along the way. Now it's time to haul all their luggage up to the third floor while we have breakfast, lunch and training. Then we'll have to haul it all back down again as they head off to a new location. Seems like missionaries are always hauling something!

Once we arrived from the airport at the mission home, Elder Richter helped make pancakes and then everyone was ready for training. Elders McAllister, Perry, Hobbs, Chandler, and Wilson waited patiently while we talked about the schedule, the rules, health, working with the spirit, companionship study, and anything else we felt they needed to hear before being assigned their new trainer and area.
Long plane rides, longer layovers, and time differences leave the new missionaries exhausted. We have to do a little training with them before we send them on their way, but as Elders Chandler and Wilson demonstrate, it is hard to keep those sleepy eyes open for all of it!!

After over 24 hours on the way from Salt Lake City to Luanda, Elder McAllister is understandably exhausted. I know Elder Kelsey can remember how he felt when he arrived, so he's glad that Elder McAllister is finding a little time to take a rest. Take it while you can get it, because we have a full afternoon planned for you new arrivals!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Leaving for Angola

Ol´´a! Como vai? Este email ´´e para voc^^es. I love you all so much. First off, thank you so much for spending so much time and money on me. I recieved everything. Sorry about the SD cards. I didn't know that they had to be bubble mailed. I'll send you all a card before I leave though. As for the phone card, don't worry! I bought one from here at the bookstore. I'll make sure to give you guys a call from the Utah airport, and maybe from the Texas airport as well. :) To luxana: great job! I am so proud of you! It is a very good thing to go to school, do your work and get intellegent! You keep doing that little girl, so that you can tell me the things you've learned while we eat orange leaf!
Weston, don't stress out too much about mr haggert's tests. He does grade harder than the AP board does (that is literal truth), but I know that you can do just fine on the essay. If you know your stuff about history, and you make a good thesis, you'll get a 3. If you connect everything back to the thesis, you'll get a 4 or 5. The AP history test is cake, you've got it in the bag!
Owen, you totally deserve a dog! you've been doing good in school. Names? hmm.... Alen. or maybe BOY'e. or, leslie. or.............. banana fight!
Mom and Dad, I love you guys. We had an awesome talk last night by the famous singer: Alex Boye. He was so very funny! I don't think president brown (MTC pres.) knew what he was getting into when he asked brother Boye to talk. He made a lot of really funny, very outgoing, and sometimes a little racist jokes (he's black, so its ok)! But, he also brought in the spirit. He told us the story of how one day there were "Two sister missionaries staring at me" and "one looked at me pointing to the other saying: 'this is my beloved sister, hear her message'"! Haha. But after he told the story of his conversion with the sisters, he told us that this was our purpose: that he was a testimony of our purpose. Tears in his eyes, yelling almost as loud as he could, he yelled: "When you bring the gospel to someone, and convert them, they will always remember it. They will be right here, talking to people, or in other places giving a talk, and they will mention you every time. Every time. They will speak about you everywhere they go, and speak about you in the same sacred manner that I have spoken about my missionaries."
I don't need to be remembered by people. But seeing this man, and his successes, and his happiness brought me back to what my purpose as a missionary is: "Bring others unto Christ". That is what I'm going to do. I promise all of you that I'm going to be the best I can be. Call me excited for the field, but I've got passalong cards and Book of Mormons for people at the airports and planes. I'm going to spread the word and do His work. Tell Weston and Owen to do the same thing. They might not have the little tag yet, and they might not have the Title of "elder" or the authority to recieve revelation for other people, but it is the duty of all members of the church to spread His word and do His work. I know that you all already do this by example. You are doing a great job! Keep it up. But try pushing yourself to do the work a little harder. Get some passalong cards. They have them at seminary. Talk to your friends about it and invite them to learn more. That is key. INVITE. If you bear your testimony, or even just a part of it, and you invite them to do something (read a part of the B.O.M., or pray to God about it or to take a lesson from the missionaries), they may not accept. They may ask you not to talk about it to them again. But THEY WILL REMEMBER YOU AND YOUR INVITE. Sorry that I sound a little hard, Elder Holland spoke to us on Tuesday about this same sort of thing. haha. But above all, remember that God loves you all. I love you all as well, and I am so happy to have all of your guys' support. Continue to be an example, and work hard for God.
I can't wait to talk to you all on the phone! I'll call in 3 days. I love you I love you EU AMO VOCES!!!! :) Thank you mom and dad for all you've taught me. I feel ahead of a lot of my companions in how to go through life.
Talk to you soon, see you soon,
                 -Elder Alex Hobbs   
(P.S. it's pronounced 'obbs' in Portugues)
(P.P.S. Owen, keep workin' out. put a shirt on! Hahaha just kidding. Love ya)