Monday, March 26, 2012

Baptisms Scheduled

Well, howdy family!
   Ok... I swear on my life that I DO have voice recordings and pictures for you guys. However, the way our P Day has been, I don't currently have my camera and recorder for you with me. :( I'm super super super super sorry. I really did try to get that for you all. But, lacking this, I'll give you a really big email.
   Baseball is up again eh? Haha let's hope you all have a good season. I kind of miss the nice, cool weather and the soft grass. In Cassequel 2 (my area in Luanda), the place is very similar to New York in the way of crowdedness, haha. LOTS of people here. Someone was saying that Luanda was built for 600,000 people before the Civil War, but it now has somewhere from 1.5-5 million people! This makes for a lot of investigators too. We have a lot of people to teach during the week. So many, that it gets hard to do street contacting sometimes!
   Owen is into paintball now? Que fisch! Owen: the best feeling in the world while playing paintball is called "taking someone prisoner". It happens when you sneak up on someone and get close enough to stick your gun in their back and say "drop it." Then they just go out rather than get shot, haha.
   Sounds like IF is starting to change. The Lewis family moving to Texas? É mal-loco, na? Disse ele: "Oi, chef: Volte aqui denovo eh!"
   Weston, Owen, Luxana: never ever ever ever ever ever ever complain about dinner ok? Last week, we never got our lunch schedule, and we were without power for most of the week. I usually just had bread and a multi-vitamin for lunch. But I've had 3 REALLY big meals in a row now, so I'm good. ;)
   And now... to Weston: I hope you are happy about having hot water. Because, I NEVER get hot water anymore haha. Last week, I didn't even have a shower! (We used a bucket) haha. But it was really fun. It was kind of like we were camping, but we were at home. :)
   I continue to miss home... A TON. But, I also love it here very much. The members are the nicest people that you'll ever meet. The people on the street are the second nicest people that you'll ever meet. (Even when they're drunk.)
 We have 2 people with baptismal dates all set up! Next week, we'll baptise Secilia. She is a miracle. She had a date before I came, but they met her one night when she offered the elders a ride. She had just left the Catholic church because she said that the Jesus on the Cross that was everywhere in the churches freaked her out, haha. The elders told her that we didn't have any of that in our church, and they invited her to come. Later, she got a Book of Mormon and read very quickly, understanding EVERYTHING, even the Isaiah chapters she said. She came to church every Sunday, and now participates in Institute! She was prepared by the Lord, and when she found the gospel, she just ate it up!
 With Secilia, we had another Elder tell us: "be thankful for her, she's the last person like that you'll get. Your miracles are over!" he said jokingly. The next day, we sat with a man named Satiro. He had been taught all of the required items for baptism, but then he just stopped coming to church and hearing the lessons. His girlfriend had told him that she didn't want him to be baptised. We were able to sit with him once and invite him to church. He came, and we were very excited! We sat with him again, and asked if we could sit with him and his girlfriend so that we could explain the church to her. She had dumped him. We told him we were sorry, but he told us that it was a good thing, and that his biggest doubt from being baptised just disappeared. His date is set in April.
   We're hoping to get 2 more people with dates this week. Last week was a lot of fun for me.  He knows the Old Testament very very well. He is also the master of parables! He'll whip out parables during lessons that I've never heard or thought of before! And they're always different!
   I really can't wait to see you all when I come home. I miss you all. But I've still got some work to do. ;) I love you all so much, and I'm continuing to learn a lot each day about... well, everything!
I have pics and recs for you. I promise I'll send them ASAP (I might be able to before P day ends... I'm not sure). I love you all,
    -Elder Alex Hobbs

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