Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three Months

Well, we've had some bad luck today. We went to the "good" internet cafe today, but the computor won't let me attach anything today. I have everything with me, but the cafe is pretty terrible today. Next week I'll ask Elder Perry to go to the other cafe so that we can attach stuff to our emails. Sorry guys. :(
On the other hand though, we had an awesome week. We got permission to use the generator at our appartment/chapel, so we have power when we really need it. Cecilia got baptised too! It was very nice. It was also really funny because we told her that she would be wearing white clothes and she showed up all in white! She also baked everyone in our appartment this HUGE cake. It was awesome. We have 2 more men with dates now. Satiro and Domingo. I really hope that they follow through with their commitments.

I got all your pics and vids though! They didn't take long to download at all! I loved it! I see that you're all doing very well and having fun! As for conference, tell Weston that I was watching President Uchtdorf's talk at the same time he was... sort of. It was about 7:30 at night here. But you know what I mean. We have this couple in our ward, The Weggelands, and they feed us this HUGE American dinner every Sunday. Brother Weggeland works for BP, and they had us over to watch conference with them. It was only one session, but I'll see the rest of it in Português in a week or two. 

So, mom: I am being fed! Granted, I have to have a peice of bread every now and then, but we usually get plenty of food for the week. They're opening the first KFC here in Luanda. I'm pretty sure it's the first American restaurant in Angola. We are all very excited!

How's owen doing? I didn't hear a whole lot from him this week. Tell him I'm excited to beat him at arm wrestling, because we have a branch missionary here who's name is Adão, and he loves to arm wrestle me. ;)

There's one street here that we walk down to get to an investigator's house where all the kids think that I'm magic. One week, I went down and did a few easy french drops with some coins for them and they loved it! A few weeks later, and a kid came up to me and said "oi! magia!" I didn't have any coins with me, so I figured that I would give him some cheesey trick and give up my reputation. I did the little trick where you "remove your thumb" from your finger, thinking he would just laugh and call me a phony. To my surprise, when I did it (I made a popping noise as I did), he got the most disgusted look on his face and screamed and told everyone to look! haha he actually thought I took off my finger! It was great.

Ok, this next part is for Weston: All of the Elders in the house that I live in (this includes me) sit together each night and talk about anime, twighlight, and most recently, pokemon. (We talked about Avatar too.) Boom. I'm still awesome  bro. ;)

Tell Luxana that her pictures are very good, and that she looks beautiful.

Mom, dad, I love you both so much. (Mom, you do luxana's hair just as good as the Angolans do) :)

I love you all, I can't wait to hear from you again and get my stuff out to you.


 -Elder Alex Hobbs

(P.S. we were eating at a member's house and one of the kids was trying to pronounce my name and the name of Elder Sande.... what came out was Bob Sagget.) Literally. XD

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