Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 15

Hey guys!

   So, easter was very fun 2 weeks ago. They celebrate Pasquão here on Saturday, not Sunday. There was Angolan Independence day on the friday before easter, and there was PARTYING everywhere! The President of Angola drove on the street for about 5 minutes, so he had military security on the sides for about 3 hours. Owen: you see police with AK47s and uzis a lot here.
   We had general conference yesterday. D, the investigator that I was very worried about came to all four sessions! It was way cool. Also, I saw Mike Hoover sing in the MTC choir that was there. Crazy eh? Então, things here are just awesome. We now have 3 baptismal dates, and we are very excited.
   Once again, I'm so sorry that there aren't pics and video for you this week (did you get the stuff from last week?), we're trying a new internet cafe today, but their computer doesn't allow hardware! I swear, I need to tell the guys to just go to that first one that we used to, because it's the only one that is reliable.
   Anyway, the week was pretty uneventful other than what I've told you. We've been working hard, all of my house is still way awesome, and the transfer is about to end. I don't think the KFC is open yet, but we're excited.
   I'm really disappointed that I can't get you the stuff I have for ya, because I have some very funny videos. But, I have good news for Mom: you might be able to send me mail. Apparently, the members of our branch that work for the gas companies get a mail service here, and smuggle stuff in for the elders. I've seen 4 packages come in. My biggest problem is that I can't send you guys stuff out. Hmm. One day... haha
   I love you all. I spend time every now and then turning on my ipod, playing "come thou font" on the Reflections of Christ album, and watching the pictures on my ipod. I love seeing your guys' pictures and hearing your voices each week. :)
   By the way: if you ever see the card game "BANG" in the store, I reccomend it. We played it today and it is very entertaining!

I love you all. Lhes-amo muito. Eu penso sobre vocês quasi cada dia. Prometo que vou trabalhar com força, e também, vou obter coisas fisch para vocês.

Lembram-se: Vocês podem orar qualquer tempo de qualquer dia. Nosso Pai Celestial ouve orações, e Ele sabe sobre suas afflições. Lhes-amo,

Elder Alex Hobbs

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