Monday, March 12, 2012

First letter from Angola

胵a para Angola!
I arrived safe and sound, and it is amazing here. The country is very diverse: there are places with millionaires, some places with buildings from the 70s, and other places with haition-esque shacks. I love the people here. They are very funny and very nice. They're also a little racist (they can't tell the difference between whites and chinese) hahaha. It is also sweltering hot in Luanda, so for my christmas present coming home, I want a coat. :) Sorry I haven演 gotten to the voice recorder yet, but I will have voice and pictures for all of you next week. The country really is beautiful. As soon as I become fluent in Portuese, I feel that I will fit in just fine here. The mosquitoes are very different from Idaho: There aren't very many at all. I have not used repellant since I've been here, and have not been bit, nor have I seen any. :D
To get around, we use these big "taxis" that are big blue and white vans. It usually just costs 100 kwanzas for a ride. (100 kwanzas~1 dollar) We're taught many people, but it seems like the biggest problem for our investigators (and for all people in general, members included) is keeping their appointments and getting there on time! haha. Sorry that this email is so scattered, but everything here is so different from the U.S. that I don't even know where to start! Traffic is crazy. Remember how you wait at a crosswalk for a car to stop or for a walk now sign? That is not the case anymore. you find a spot anywhere on the street, and wait for a gap in traffic. and then you go. Pretty much, you just find a path, and if you can walk there, you walk there. It may be on garbage or other things. I love it here. Everything is just absolutely amazing! Tell Chris that in 2 years, we're dropping rootbeer at the guys nights and bringing out "Blue", a soda here that just got bought out by Coke. Hopefully it comes to america, but if not, were getting it online. Any how, tell me about life at home and how everyone is doing. I have a lot more time to write email here.
When it comes to missionary work, this place is awesome! People will walk up to us and ask us about our badges. I believe that Angola truly embodies the scripture that speaks of people "not knowing where to find the gospel". They are very interested. The devil has had a lot of time to work here, and the people are tired of it. They are ready for this gospel. They had a big civil war a while ago, and they never want to go back.We don't have to shower everyday because we don't always have power. I have only have had 1 day in 3 with a full days worth of power. Its a lot like camping. I love it so much. I still need to learn how to barter though. You buy a lot of things on the street just not meat, loose leaf veggies, flavored water, or yogurt. These could kill you. but every thing else is good, and the food is great! Even the fake milk is good. It tastes like a cadburry creme egg after the chocolate taste goes away. mmmmmm. Any how, i need to write the branch pres now. I love you all so much!! email me!
Elder Alex Hobbs

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