Sunday, March 11, 2012

Arriving in Angola

Dear Brother and Sister Hobbs-
We just want to let you know that Elder Hobbs has arrived safely in Angola.  We are excited to have him here.  I have attached a couple of pictures of his arrival.  Your son will be serving with Elder Perry.  He is the second from the left in the picture of the 4 new missionaries together with 6 missionaries there to greet them at the airport after their 4:30 am arrival.    Elder Perry is from Minnesota.  He is excited to train your son.  Elder Hobbs will be serving in Cassequel, our largest branch located in the center of Luanda. 
You should hear from Elder Hobbs on Monday (P-day).  Don’t worry if you don’t get an email exactly on time because occasionally there are Internet problems.  Thank you for sending us your son.  We will take good care of him.
President and Sister Walton
p.s.   We are attaching the email we sent to your son prior to the MTC.  We assume all of the parents saw it, but we are re-sending just to make sure you have the information in the letter.


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They're Here! Four New Missionaries for Angola!!

Tired, but ready! That's how our four newest missionaries arrived in Angola at 4:30 am last Saturday. Welcome Elders Wilson, McAllister, Chandler and Hobbs. We are so excited to have 23 missionaries now serving in this wonderful mission!

We have a tradition in this mission that we have quite a welcoming committee. President and I come (of course), the zone leaders come, and the trainers come. We had more greeters than we did new missionaries arriving. But it is always a fun morning, although a bit early, as we welcome these chosen servants of the Lord to the best mission region in the world. In the back row: Elders Perry (trainer), Anhanha (zone leader), Kelsey (trainer), Bauer (zone leader), and Richter (zone leader). In the front Elders Bene (trainer), and our newest Elders Wilson, Chandler, Hobbs, and McAllister.

We made it safely to the mission home and didn't lose any luggage along the way. Now it's time to haul all their luggage up to the third floor while we have breakfast, lunch and training. Then we'll have to haul it all back down again as they head off to a new location. Seems like missionaries are always hauling something!

Once we arrived from the airport at the mission home, Elder Richter helped make pancakes and then everyone was ready for training. Elders McAllister, Perry, Hobbs, Chandler, and Wilson waited patiently while we talked about the schedule, the rules, health, working with the spirit, companionship study, and anything else we felt they needed to hear before being assigned their new trainer and area.
Long plane rides, longer layovers, and time differences leave the new missionaries exhausted. We have to do a little training with them before we send them on their way, but as Elders Chandler and Wilson demonstrate, it is hard to keep those sleepy eyes open for all of it!!

After over 24 hours on the way from Salt Lake City to Luanda, Elder McAllister is understandably exhausted. I know Elder Kelsey can remember how he felt when he arrived, so he's glad that Elder McAllister is finding a little time to take a rest. Take it while you can get it, because we have a full afternoon planned for you new arrivals!


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