Friday, December 7, 2012

December 3, 2012


   Transfer week has happened... and a bunch of big news with that! We're opening 3 new areas here in Luanda! One new area in the existing Viana branch, and 2 new areas in the brand new Benfica branch!!! WOOOOO!!!! Plus, I get a companion! His name is Elder Kelsey. He's one of the older guys, and is actually in the next group to go home. He's enlisted in the marines, and is pretty hilarious. It'll be interesting though, because the area that we're in is the area that he used to work before he left for the provenance. I'm excited though. I can't wait to do some major work with him though!
   Other than that, the week has been pretty quiet. I didn't have too many lessons, but of the ones that I did have, they were all extra super spiritually powerful! I'll tell you what, faith is awesome!
   My birthday went well. Thank you all for your birthday wishes, and my present! I loved it! I kept my birthday pretty quiet from everyone. Very few people actually knew that it happened. Next year though, I'm going to voice it from the roof tops, because Elder Tolman says that you get a TON of stuff from members that way. »:) haha But I loved my birthday card, and the muffins tasted great! I'm excited for Christmas!!
   I have a couple of ideas of what I want Owen to have for Christmas... I'll send them in a separate email though. Mwahahahaha!!!
   Man, it is HOT here! When it rains, the humidity sky rockets, and it rains about every 2 or 3 days! It's getting super hot. I'll have to listen to the radios in taxis to get a temperature for you all, but it's going to be high!
   That Christmas card looks pretty good! Hahaha. Can't wait to talk in a few weeks!
   I love you all a TON! Let me know if my letters get to ya, I sent 2 or 3 your way about a month ago. As for packages, I wouldn't worry too much about them. I think most other people just pay through the nose to send them, so if you do send anything, just send a small one under 2.2 lbs, and I'll be happy to get it. I'll ask around to see if there's a cheaper way, but if not, don't worry about it. Just send me a million letters!!!

I love you all a bunch! I'm doing well here, and I'm pretty sure this next transfer is going to rock socks!!!

Love, love, love!!

Elder Alex Hobbs

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