Monday, November 4, 2013

September 9, 2013


   The week was a little crazy. Well, Elder Chandler was assaulted about 2 weeks ago. I think that it was really hard on him. President Merrill put me and him together this transfer. We're going to be serving together in Cassequele B, my first area. It's been really fun. President Merrill told me to make sure that Elder Chandler goes out happy. I'm sure as heck excited! I get to go back and do it with my best friend on the mission! Not a whole lot of lessons this week, but it was still really good. We're going to see some miracles I think!
   C finally got baptized with her cousin, N. I've wanted to baptize her since I first got to Angola, but for silly reasons it was delayed until now. But it was good. I was happy. I'm feeling a lot better now.  But now I know that this last part of my mission is going to be perfect. I have full faith that I'm going to finish out strong and happy. I might come home a little fat, because we get fed a lot in Cassequele. Time to brush off the dust off of our P90X DVDs!
   But I got to see Mauro this week. He was the first person I got into the font with. He's been a little inactive lately, but Elder Chandler and I had a great lesson with him. He felt the Spirit, that's for sure. I also saw the Paulos. They are still just all happy and fun loving, nothing new there. I've also talked with a bunch of all the old branch members and it was a blast!
   Shoes in Peru? Seminary? Hunting? Back to school? Wow. Life is moving on over there. I feel a little paused here. Most of everything is the same each day. But with the new area, we've got to find new people, so Elder Chandler and I are going to go on a lot of adventures. It'll be good.

I'm doing well. I love to see the pictures and hear the stories from you all. I love you. I can't wait to see you all in 4 months-ish.


Elder Alex Hobbs

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