Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October 7, 2013


   This was a very good week in the transfer. Elder Chandler's foot was still hurt for most of it, but I was still able to go out and work by doing some divisions. There isn't a TON of news, but I do have some:
   First, D has given up everything except for weed. I'm not sure if I told you that last time, but that's how excited I am! He's a really good guy, he's just a little trapped right now. I know that if he uses some time, the Atonement will free him. He's so close! He's given up alcohol, tobacco, and crack. Way awesome.
   Nothing big happened during the week. But today's Pday has been really awesome! All the Elders got to go to President's house on Sunday night and watch the 2 Sunday sessions. It's weird to watch at 5pm and 9 pm (due to download speeds). But I enjoyed hearing it in English. It seems like the leaders of the church were all inspired to cry out against social changes that our country is slowly letting become the norm. We thought it was awesome. I also enjoyed the many kind, loving invitations to repent. It was great.
   After that, we got to do a ''sleepover'' at the mission office. I didn't sleep too good on the ground, but it was fun all the same. In the morning, we got to go to the beach! It was a ton of fun. First, I caught some crabs, made some shapes in the sand, sat and watched the beautiful ocean, and then built a sandcastle. Remember my stories about Elder Fontaine?  Super fun.
   That's where I am now. We're going to go to the Weggeland's tonight for family home evening, so we're all excited. Sorry that the letter is shorter, but I hope I compensated with some pictures! Also, I recieved my two packages. Rebecca and Peugar should be getting their gifts soon, as well as I have my personal card now, so you can send me the PIN anytime.

I love you all more than you can know,

Elder Alex Hobbs

   3680- Elder Chandler and I at the big District Conference a few weeks ago with Rebecca and Peugar.
   3683-Elder Stewart, my District leader, with his crown of power!
   3691- Me in Africa.
   3687-The missionaries waiting for General Conference to start.
   3681-Gotta get these two to smile!

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