Monday, November 4, 2013

August 26, 2013


   I had a very fun week this week. To start off, I went on a division with Elder Fontaine. He is so funny. It was a blast for me! I guess I don't know how to explain, but it was pretty much nerd talk the whole way through. I'm still the same me! haha
   We had a lot of success in a lot of ways this week. We were able to get some new investigators, we had a baptism (L), we brought a less active man (A) to church, and... drumroll... we were able to go on a SAFARI in our zone today! It was fun. A lot of the new Elders were way excited to go. We saw SO MANY girrafes! I'll send you some pictures.
   So first was L's baptism. She is a great girl. She's about 13 or 14 (we don't know because she was born in a provinance) and is still learning to read in Portugues. She was a reference from her aunt, and she's been coming to church long before I got to the area, so Elder Pimentel and I decided to baptize her! haha. It was good.
   Next, was A, our less active. Since I've been here, he's never come to church. I think he felt guilty about something. But yesterday, after an investigator fell through, we went to his house instead and he actually was there! We went to church with him. After the second hour, I asked him how the class was and he just said: ''It feels really good here. I'm glad that I came.'' I'm way excited, because he also has a friend who's less active as well, and I hope that they start coming to church together. For me, less active work is just as rewarding if not more rewarding than baptisms. It feels so good when they come back. I can't explain it.
   Not a whole lot of news. A, one of the P  family, or in other words, C's aunt, had her baby. She was really cute, and she was excited to have us over. Chelsea will get bapitzed in two weeks. We're excited!
   It was a regular week other than all this. I wish I could write more, but I'm not all to sure about what to write! The church is growing faster and faster. I've been trying to put a big focus on branch coordination, because once the branches get strong, we'll be able to baptize like crazy! But for now, we're going at a controlled pace. We had over 100 people in our sacrament yesterday. Which is very good for the Benfica branch. We'll probably split again when we hit 200. So maybe 1 more year!

  I love you all so so very much. I'm excited to skype at christmas and then to come home 3 weeks later!


Elder Alex Hobbs

PS Luxana got another letter from Rebecca. Rebecca really wants a reply letter! :)

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