Monday, November 4, 2013

September 3, 2013

   The week was good. A R (A member of the P family) had her baby this week. She's a cutie. Also C and N are good to go to be baptized, so that should be really cool. Elder Pimentel and I have been working really hard, and I think more success is on the way. I've been a little run down, but I'm still doing very very well here.
   Please say some prayers for Elder Chandler, he's passing through a very hard time right now. Pray for his family in California.
   But things are going pretty normally here. We were able to sit with a ton of recent converts this week. I also learned a new patty cake here with Namara. I also got to participate in a baby blessing for the first time. That was pretty neat. I'm not all too sure what to write right now. I guess I'll tell you all about some of our investigators.
   Maria Pinto's family is quickly becoming my favorite one here. Since they've been baptized, they've been very strong in the church. Maria herself got a calling as a relief society teacher. She's doing very well. The kids are all well. Andrew got the aaronic priesthood about two weeks ago. I come to find out that he's been giving some sick blessings to people, so we had to explain a few things to him. haha. But he looks up so much to the Elders here. He'll be going on a mission when he turns 18, no doubts.
   L and A are doing great. Lemba sent us home with a bunch of food a few nights ago. We're going to be eating speghetti for quite a while now.... haha. But it really did help a ton. They're just working on their marriage now. L's faith is on fire, but A thinks that he's mister righteous man, because he served a catholic mission back in the day. So, he misses church sometimes. He knows that the church is true, but I think he thinks he's above it sometimes! haha
   Neves, a less active man, came yesterday. He's living with another woman now. He was described to me as ''baptized without a chance.'' It's sad. But he came and I think that he liked it a lot. Now we just need him to keep coming. I love the guy a lot. It feels really good to hug him each time I see him.
   Well, these are the people that I think of most these days. I hope that I can help them come the rest of the way, but transfers are on the way. I'm excited for the last of my mission. I think that some really good things are on the way!
I love you all so much. Thank you for all you do for me.
Elder Alex Hobbs
PS If possible, I would really like some flossers for my teeth. The floss here is terrible and won't go behind one molar. :)

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