Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September 30, 2013


  The week was a long one. Elder Chandler and I were getting really
motivated at the start of it. We had a great family night at Mauro's
house, and everyone felt the spirit and had fun. On tuesday, Elder
Chandler got sick. On wednesday, we had a zone conference, and we both
got really excited to go out and hit the pavement hard. Then, the next
day, we got up, went running, and came back. After about an hour of
being back, Elder Chandler's foot started to hurt, and it made it hard
for him to walk. He says
that he's feeling better now, and that this next week should go much
  It did, however, give me some time to think about what I'm going do
about my release date. I made a decision. It's not a FOR SURE thing
just yet, but I think I'm going to come home for Christmas with you
all. I decided on Saturday, and I haven't talked to President yet, but
I think that's what I'm going to do. I'll give you the FOR SURE answer
this next week, I promise! It's funny though, Elder Chandler has been
playing Christmas music nd we lit my candle. haha I
keep telling the other elders in our house ''merry Christmas''.
  I recieved the packages this week! I love my new tie, and the
photos look great next to my new cash card! haha. If you could send me
the pin, I've got it safe and sound.
  But no new news other than that. I've got some more pictures for
you all, but of course, I'm at a cyber that won't let me send them. I
should be able to get them to you next week, because we should go to
the good one there.
  I do have one really big piece of news: D has been able to quit
drinking, tobacco, pills, and crack. He only needs to nick out weed,
and he should be able to start listening to the lessons! I was super
happy for that!
  Thanks for the pics of Grandpa. They're really cool. I love getting
pictures in the packages and emails that you all send. They're the
best part. Angolans really like them too. haha
  Well, I hope that you all are doing well, and that everything keeps
going the way it should. I'll see you soon! I love you!

Elder Alex Hobbs

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