Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aug 5, 2013


  It has been such a good week this week. It's been hard at the same
time, but all of the blessings envelop any difficulties that have
arised. We'll be baptizing 3 children this week, and hopefully a
familly or two (or three) here in two weeks. It's going to be awesome.
I don't know if I've ever written you all about L. L is a
woman that had gone to a church  for ovetr 18 years. She
had believed on it for a very long time. She had even offered her
house for the church to use on a temporary basis until they could
build a chapel. One day, this church tried to trick her into
signing a contract that would force her into giving her land up to the
church at no cost. She caught that detail in the contract. When she
refused to sign, the pastor kicked her out of the church.
  Angry and bitter, she swore she would never ever join a church
again, and that she believed that you could be saved without church.
She was a very angry person. She drank a lot. The Jehova's Witness
church taught her daugher, but she never joined. One day, Elder Harper
found her tracting. We've taught her ever since, and now she has an
unshakable testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints. She's waiting on marriage, but she's been giving us references
like no one's business. It's been great.
  We went to Viana to see R and P's mother last night. We
talked with her and brainstormed. She's going to start some English
classes to make another 100$ a month, which should allow Rebecca and
Pegar to go back to school. I pray, and I'm going to fast for them. I
miss those kids.
  I talked with Aida the other night. She hasn't been to church for a
while, because she's been working so late on Saturdays. I got her
excited, and she went yesterday! I was so happy. I told her that from
now on, while she's working, to just go for sacrament meeting and to
sleep the rest of the meetings. I'm so happy for that!
  C is going to be baptized this Saturday. WOOP!

I love you guys. I'm excited to camp with y'all again!


Elder Alex Hobbs

I'll get you all some pictures next week. We tried a different cyber
this week, and it's a little too slow for pics.

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