Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 1, 2013


   It was a big week this week. Elder Harper went home. I got to go on a mini division with Elder Banta in my old Terra Nova area, and it was awesome. We saw A, D the Rasta, and a bunch of old people I knew. I also saved Elder Banta's stomach... but I'll let you ask Elder Banta's family about that story. hahaha
   Afterword, 3 of the departing missionaries came and stole me. I didn't have a lot of cash with me, and so they just took me around with them for their last day. It was a lot of fun. We got to go to the beach and find African shells, and just visit a few places. I'll attach some pictures and show you all.
   But, I'm one of the oldest now. I'm in the next group to go. It's weird.
   Now I'm with Elder Pimentel. He's from São Paulo, and I love him. He's way funny and is just so so SO positive. We're going to get work done this transfer. AWESOME! Also, as you all know, President Merrill finally arrived. He's hilarious. He seems very down to earth and is always cracking jokes. I haven't met him formally yet, as he kind of got attacked by the Brazilian couples and the members at the baptism. But it was way funny. Apparently, he read a bunch of blogs of missionaries, and on one Elder's blog, it said: ''President Thompson is going home and they've called some random guy to be the new president''. President Merrill came and shook his hand and said: ''Hello Elder, I'm some random guy.'' and walked away. Also, he walked up to a group of elders and asked where they lived. One elder replied, ''Oh, I live over in Gamek direita.'' Keeping a completely straight face, and nodding his head, President Merrill just goes: ''Ok. Where the heck is that?''  It was way funny. I'm excited for everything to finally happen. It's definately been a fight up until now. But President Merrill is going to be awesome.
   As for right now, the area is alright. We're a little short on investigators, but I've been making a ton of friends and I'm loving it. Right now, we're working with a woman named Maria P and her two kids, A and C. They're marked to be baptized on the 13th of July. Andrew said he already made facebook friends with me and wants to friend Weston and Owen as well. He speaks a little English because he was born in England. But they're awesome.
   As for the technical stuff, I still haven't gotten any packages or letters. I think the one from Taylor's mom got lost in the mail. :( But I'm still waiting. Also, let me know if I'm spending too much money on souveniers. I feel like I might be becoming a burden, but I'm also almost done. I've just about collected everything I want. But let me know. Also, I think I've been getting all of dad's emails and pictures. I've been getting a lot of them, like today I got the one of Luxana in the pool, but that's the only one.

   Eu AMO vocês. Fiquem bem, e continuem divertir!

Elder Alex Hobbs

DSC03476-  Me with the guys that went home. From left to right: Arrington, Perry, Me, Richter, Harper, and down on the right, Elder Eckman.

DSC03461-  Elder Banta and I at Aida's house!

DSC03459-  Some of the vendors at the art praça. These guys hate me and love me at the same time. 

DSC03463-  Me at the beach!

DSC03483-  The Paulo family came to say goodbye to Elder Perry, and we got a karate pic in.


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