Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 29, 2013

   This was a great week this week. We've been teaching a ton of lessons, and our área is going to absolutely explode! We have 11 people marked for baptism on the 10th of August. I'm loving it!
   So, here in the mission, we've started a war. Two Elders have created teams. The only way to score is to get a missionaries vote here in 3 days. It has become a game of espionage, and it is hilarious! I've become head of ''Sector 7'' a team that is designed to feed false info and turn people. We're going to win. :)
   All of the youth in Angola went on a campout, and some of the elders got to do a river baptism. Apparently it was a big hit, and everyone had fun. The young women in our branch rated all of the missionaries in our district for how cute they were. I got placed 6th place of 6. What are you going to do? haha But to tell you the truth, I got a new haircut. It looks way good. I think I'm going to have Elder Tingey cut it right before I leave!  
   R and P both got to go to the campout as well, and I was very happy to hear about that. I also got a chance to go over and drop off Rebecca's birthday present. She loved it, and we spent a good 15 minutes blowing up these HUGE balloons that I bought. P also filled up a water balloon, and tried to hit her with it, but he didn't fill it enough. It was a lot of fun, and my cheeks hurt for about 3 days after that!
   Their mom is having money troubles again. When I first got there to drop of the gift, she was the only one home, and she was very excited to see me. Then we talked, and she broke down in tears. Apparently, the kids haven't gone to school for 3 months because she hasn't had the cash, and no one is eating very well either. Elder Chandler and I are going to go out there this week and work out a budget with her.
   Well, I love you all very very much, and I think of you a lot!
Elder Alex Hobbs

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