Tuesday, August 6, 2013

June 10, 2013


   THAT IS SO CRAZY! I had a prompting this week to ask you guys for Aunt Tania's adress so I could write them a letter! I think the Lord is speaking!
   This week was great! Elder Harper and I are finding a lot of new families to teach! We've set a goal to baptize 5 families in 9 weeks! It's going to take some work, but I'm excited for it! President Kretly is from Brazil and will be here until President Merrill arrives. I think things will turn out well.
   I got to see R and P again! I went on a division to Viana, and we stopped by their house. It was so much fun. My love for those two kids is so strong, and I hope that they'll keep strong in the church. They've gone through some really REALLY rough times. But Viana has been good for them I think. They're in school now, and they LOVE it. The homework gives them something to do, as well as they get to meet some friends. Luckily, the branch there has been very supportful to get them the right kind of friends!
   Well, I took Elder Harper to the praça today. He's going home soon, so he's got to get some cool Africa stuff! I also got some cool stuff for all of you! I hope you're excited!
   Alright, so I have a cool investigator to tell you all about: his name is Zu, and he is SICK! He speaks every important language in the world: english, spanish, portugues, chinese, french, russian... everything but italian! He's very smart. He's been through about 3 or 4 churches, and has some very strong faith in Christ. He loves sitting with us. He says that he's seen a difference in his life since we started passing by, and he had great feelings in church. He always tries to give us a ride because he can feel the difference when we leave. His only hold up is the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. It's something ''completly new'' he says, and it's a little hard to accept... for now. He'll get it. I'm positive!
   Well, I hope that you're all doing well. Mom, I'm healthy. I actually have a story for you about my health. Well, the brazilian food strikes again! We had a zone conference with President Kretly. Everyone also got sick. However, on the same night, we went to H and A wedding and ate some cooked caterpillars! Elder Harper and I were fine! I guess the caterpillars have anti-bodies in them! haha

I love you guys. I hope that your summer is great! 

Elder Alex Hobbs

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