Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 8, 2013


   This week was such a great week. President Merrill is going to be one of the best things to ever happen to Angola. Him and his wife are very in tune with the Spirit. Before, with President Kretly, it was pounded into our heads: find find find find find find find find so you can baptize. But President Merrill's stand on everything is to follow the Spirit, better ourselves, and do what God says to do, and that will bring success. I'm glad that's what's finally being taught to the new missionaries. It's what this country needs.
   After the Zone Conference, we all got to play some soccer. It was way fun. President Merrill is also about fun. He's always cracking jokes. He did all the interviews for missionaries in 2 days, and during my interview, he cut it way short because he was hungry! haha. Sister made us some food, and we started to have dinner together. As we were eating, sister realized ''I don't think we've blessed the food yet.'' President responded: ''I'll bless it.'' His prayer was: ''Dear Father in heaven, please bless this food, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.'' I laughed so much! 
   It was a really good week. Our 4th of July consisted of another Elder in our house, burning up some pictures of his ex-girlfriend, and some BANG! It was super fun. I also got your package on the 4th, so no need to worry of that anymore! Thank you so so so much!
   I got to go on a division with an Elder from Viana. His name is Elder Fontaine. He's way funny. Him and I tried to decied which state was the best state in the US. We both agree that somewhere, there is a state better than California, and that Idaho definately makes the top 8. When we went back to drop him off at his house, we noticed that the Viana Elders had a copy of 17 Miracles. We borrowed it:) As we were walking out, we noticed that the case was empty! So we went back in, and Elder Pimentel got a glass of water and some ''pamphlets''. We walked out victorious, and we're going to watch it today.

I love you all so so so much. Here's some pics!

Elder Alex Hobbs

DSC03485 Here's some kids who took a powdered milk can and made it into a basket ball hoop.

DSC03487 Elder Pimentel and I at the soccer games on Thursday

DSC03492 This is the ''Chinese City'' of Kilamba. Strangely, no chinese live there. Infact, not to many people live there at all! It's too expensive for Angolans. But we have some really strong members here and we're getting refferrals!

DSC03496 This is an African Spider if I've ever seen one! Elder Pimentel almost stepped on it as we were walking! I hear that Sam Horman found one of these in his shoes over in Madagascar!

DSC03497 Check out how big this sucker is!


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