Tuesday, August 6, 2013

June 24, 2013


   WOW! I loved these pics! I'm so happy to hear that everyone is enjoying the summer. Weston sure sounds like he's got a busy schedule. 250$ a week for a phone plan... hmmm... sounds pretty average price! Weston, know that girls are only a torment on the mission! hahaha
   Happy Father's day dad. I got you a Bobo shirt! It's the african style and I think you'll like it! It's so cool to hear all these good things about everything.
   This week was just great. The numbers side of things is more or less, but I feel great! I'm just happy here. I'm not sure why! But I'm meeting a lot of really cool people and I'm having a blast.
   Not too much happened in the week. There's been this crazy african cold that's been passing in the mission. It just drains you of energy for 3-5 days and then just leaves. Me along with 2 other missionaries in the house caught it and so we were quarantined for about 2 days. It was a lot of fun though. We played as many card games as we could think of!
   I also went on some divisions with people. It was pretty fun. We explored Africa. Oh yea! I almost forgot to tell you: President Merril arrives on Saturday. Hallelujah. Also,  Elder Harper goes home on Wednesday! He's done it! Woo! I'm getting a new companion named Elder Pimentel. He's Brazilian, and is super funny. He's coming up from Lubango and I'm excited. I can finally perfect my language! Woot woot!
   The Paulo family is the first people that I baptized in Cassequele. They're awesome. But I'm going to attach some pics of this other family that Elder Harper and I are teaching. The P family. It's a single mother and her three kids. They are so much fun. 
   I love you all so so so much!

Elder Alex Hobbs

DSC03453 This is the inside of the P's home... the kids took our cameras. :) That strange thing on the table is a traditional ''mindo'', a squash that they hallow out, dry, and then use for drinking things. Elder Harper got one because he's going home. Way cool.

DSC03443 Me and Elder Brown in the chapel. He's one of my good buds at the house.

DSC03450 Elder Harper, me, and A P

DSC03447 Maria P had us eat some Kisaca. It's seaweed and salt. But she added some beans. It's pretty good I guess.

DSC03281 Do you all remember when I talked about B? This is her. She is way funny.

DSC03413 This is H and A's wedding. I can't remember if I sent that to you already or not.

JULY 17, 2013

July 17, 2013


   It was an awesome week. It was long, and I'm happy it's Pday, but it was good. We had some baptisms of a few people that I haven't gotten to know very well, but it was nice. I've kind of ran out of cash, because I've lost my mission money card, but luckily, Elder Harper has a ton of cash saved up from 2 years, so he's got my back on taxis and what not.
   Yesterday was actually a really fun day. We had church, which is always nice, then 12 duplas of Elders got invited for a big lunch at a member's house. I got to joke around with Elder Chandler a bunch. Then, Elder Harper had a fireside to go to for all of the departing Elders, and that was great. I got to see the Paulo family from Cassequele, and there was some good food there. On the way home, we got on a bus to get home (buses are always an adventure because they go really far distances for cheap... which mean EVERYONE needs to get on. Tuna pack style.) .
    I've been trying to make more of those little adventures and some more friends. I took what mom said at Skype very seriously: to enjoy the last part of my mission. It's been stressful along the two years, but I'm accustomed now. There's not all to much that scares me anymore. haha
    But keep on being awesome guys! I'll see you soon. Love y'all,

Elder Alex Hobbs

03237- Elder Money and I caught a ride with this big truck... then some women and their crates of bananas got on as well!
03258- This is Helder and Ana's family!
03405- Some of the caterpillars I ate!
03413- Helder and Ana's wedding!
03422- A nice shot of the city in the back.
03442- The Paulo family from Cassequele!
03427- African Wonderland

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