Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 22, 2013


   It was a good week. It was a harder one, as there were a lot of Zone Leader things that started popping up out of nowhere. We did some training, some divisions... everything. Numbers weren't the best, but I had a really really good week.
   Now for the success story: When I was in Cassequele, I had the opportunity to help a family into the waters of baptism. As we taught them, there was a little girl named C who wanted to be baptized from the very beginning. However, at the time, her guardians wouldn't allow it. Afterwords, I left the area. For a long time, I didn't see her, and it sounded like the missionaries didn't follow up with her for a while. But she's moved into my area, and Elder Pimentel and I have a date of baptism set for her! Woo! I'm way excited for her.
   Also, H from Luanda II baptized his niece! That was super fun to see him again. I noticed that a lot of people know me here. Hopefully I'll be remembered.
   We've been having some obedience problems in our Zone: people staying home a little late, music that's just a little too fast, etc. Don't any of you get me wrong: I'm pretty sure the best missionaries in the world have been sent here. It's just that they can get a little distracted at times. So we talked with President about it, and we're having a big Zone Conference in a week. I'm excited. I believe that once I leave, the missionaries will be able to take over without problems.
   Not a whole lot of new news here... I'm trying to remember anything that was really cool.... but nothing's coming. But I love you all more than you can know. It's been hitting me a little bit more lately that I only have 4 and 1/2 tranfers left. Sometimes I think of home when an airplane flies really close to the ground. haha. But I've been thinking of you all a lot lately, and I'm excited to finish strong out here.

I love you all,

 Elder Alex Hobbs


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