Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 3, 2013


  This was just a great week for everyone! Reliefs from stress, you guys sent great letters, and I just was plain old happy this week! I can't believe Weston got dumped before he even got into a relationship. He should have sent another text that said: ''yeah, me too.'' haha
   Well, let me tell ya about this great week I had: H and A got married and baptized! It was so cool. Their baptism was really cool because they were baptized and also a man from my first area named J L was baptized as well. He's the one that has just been waiting for marriage since the first missionaries arrived, and he's cool enought to walk like two miles to church when he runs out of money. It was a very spiritual baptism.
   Also, I got to go to a really good motivational talk. President Kretly has been here for a few days just running around doing some cleanup work until President Merril arrives on the first of July. He gave a fireside talk based on the ''7 habits of highly effective people'' (he worked for that company). It was nice. The best part was seeing a bunch of people from my old areas. It's nice to know that people will remember my name.
   So, three quick things: first, I knew an Amy B that was in my class, but I didn't know her all too well. I'd be interested to hear what she thought of me, because I was a strange child in High School. haha. Also, I would love to know where that family lives. If they're just waiting for us. Just tell Kolby that I need the name of the ''bairro'' (pronounced 'by-ho') and a phone number and I can find em.
   Now, I have two quick tasks for weston and owen to do. Owen: Keep practicing for soccar man... my goalie skills are growing... fast... and also to update my facebook. There's been a lot of people tell me that they sent an invite. You rock man!
   Weston: Who is brittney? and also see if you can get a hold of that matlock girl. If you can, see if you can get a pic of her baptism and tell her to come to my homecoming. I'd like to talk to her. :)
   I love you guys. I'm getting pretty excited to come home as I watch other missionaries go. But I'm doing great. It's starting to cool down a little. I love you all so so so much!
Elder Alex Hobbs

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