Tuesday, April 23, 2013

March 11, 2013

Que isso?!

   Mom was the only one who wrote me a letter this week! So this email is dedicated to mom!

   This week was awesome. Elder Money is such a great companion. We talk about EVERYTHING, and he speaks the language super well. I'm still just having a great time out here. I feel great, but a little scared that I've been in Angola for a full year now. I just want to baptize all of Africa!
   So H and A will be headed out to a provinance tomorrow to get their final document for marriage so that they can be baptized. Plus, H hasn't drank a beer for an entire week and a half now! It's awesome. I'm way excited!
   So our area is going to grow pretty fast. We're getting references from missionaries and members pretty fast, mostly because our area constitutes a good one sixth of the city. Wish us luck!
    There isn't a whole lot that happend from this week. It was kind of slow, but it's going to pick up REALLY fast this week. We're going to go play some soccar with some african kids behind our house today. Then we're going to take some pictures out in the jungle. Yes, I said JUNGLE! It's going to be awesome!
   Keep me updated on everything. I should have a lot to write you all about this coming week, because it's going to be a work week!


Elder Alex Hobbs

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