Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22, 2013


  Wow! What a good week for email! Do this more often!
  I loved that talk. I was tearing up. Go ahead and use as many
examples of Angola as you all want! Things here have gotten a lot
easier with all of the challenges of temporal things, but... it's
still pretty intense, haha people need to know that! And you should
all be happy to know that Elder Money has made a full recovery. It was
just some virus, according to the clinic. I felt bad that he was so
sick, but it passed, and we're ready to hit it hard this week!
  Well, we were going to have a baptism, but our candidate didn't
show up. Pretty annoying. We're going
to have a few chats with mister BB about this one. But other than
that, I'm really excited for the coming weeks. "..." finally came
around with living the law of chastity, so we'll see his baptism soon.
  The thing I'm WAY excited for is this family that we're teaching.
The mother's name is M, and her and her four kids are set up for
baptism on the fourth of may. M went to the Universal church (the
one that got shut down), and never felt that her baptism was valid
because the spirit that she felt went away. She knows doctrine
amazingly well. She understands everything, and she's felt the Spirit
in church, so we think that she's ready. The really cool story here is
that of her daughter, E. On the first
lesson, she said: ''to be sincere, I don't believe in God... He wasn't
there when I needed him.'' So we invited her to read and pray about
the Book of Mormon, and to ask God if He was there. She did. It was
very surprising, because most people don't understand or don't read at
all, and she understood it perfectly, and read quite a bit. We asked
her to read one chapter, but she read 4! Then she prayed and felt a
''relieving feeling''. They all loved church, so... baptism!
  But other than this, the week went pretty slowly. But I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Elder Alex Hobbs

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