Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 8, 2013


  The rain fell this week... literally. We had a HUGE rainstorm that
pretty much changed the face of Luanda. I heard that some people in
some of the deeper bairros died. All missionaries are alright though.
We did some service and helped some of our neighbors bail water out of
the house.
  We taught a lot this week. We saw H and A two nights ago...
I forgot how much I loved that family! Their marriage is still a
little far off, but they've set the goal to have all documents
completed by April 20, and I've mentally set a baptismal date for the
4th of May. But they are so cool. We had an awesome lesson with all of
them. Their family reminded me a little of what ours was back in the
day, so I had a lot of fun.
  We have a couple of investigators with baptismal dates that are a
little on the weird side... T is a man who claims that dark spirits
follow him, and then followed his ex-wife when they separated...
because of this, he wakes up at 2 and 4 in the morning to pray... and
he had a dream that all the missionaries got around an imbondeiro tree
and burned it down... but he loves coming to church, so we'll see what
  As for my painting, I'm not going to get it from the Benfica praça!
Elder Money had them do one of the first vision, and it looked like a
4 year old drew it! It turns out that most of the vendors don't even
know any of the artists whose paintings they sell! haha. But that's
alright. I've been doing good.
  We saw the priesthood session of Conference yesterday. I really
liked Elder Beck's talk on becoming a better minister unto others
through your words and actions. That's what I'm going to work on!
  Well, I would say have Owen join the choir! I remember him having a
really good voice! Plus, there are benefits from choir... trust me on
that! You get to do some cool stuff. Do it Owen!
  Well, I love you all so much. I'm excited for mother's day soon!
Keep on keepin' on!

Elder Alex Hobbs

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