Tuesday, April 23, 2013

March 18, 2013


   This week was very rewarding. I've learned a lot in how to
communicate with our Father in Heaven. I read a talk in an old Ensign
we had lying around, and it was just awesome! It's called: Opening the
Heavens. Elder Money and I also put the pedal to the metal, and we
ended the week with a good 15 lessons. The area is growing!
   Now for the big news: H got his last document! He said it was
a fight at the conservatory, but he got it. He'll be coming back
today, and we're going to talk about the marriage with them soon. They
might not get baptized this Saturday like it was planned, but this is
the fastest couple I've EVER heard of getting married. It's been a
miracle. Be obedient on your missions Weston and Owen!
   As for Elder Kelsey getting mugged.... well, it was not even at
night. The sun hadn't even set. They were even way close to their own
house! And it's a big rich appartment-condo. It was just a weird
situation, but Elder Kelsey totally laid waste to six men... and he
got some awesome scars too! It's a little strange to think that he's
leaving in 2 weeks, but he's tired... he needs it. :)
  It's really weird to think that I'm coming home soon as well. I am
going to cry when President Thompson leaves. He has helped me so much
on my mission. I wrote him and Sister some letters and told them not
to open them until the end of the mission! I hope that we can keep in
  But things are good here. I'm doing well, there's a lot of members
that are feeding me, and I can't complain. The work is hot and hard,
but it's coming along and very rewarding. I'm just trying to put in my
all now. I've learned a lot and I'm becoming a ''veteran'' elder.
  Para bens to Saren! The wedding looked beautiful!
  Keep doing all that you're all doing. I love you! I gotta take some
more pictures fast!

Elder Alex Hobbs

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