Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 15, 2013


  Weston's ads are so funny! I love the Edgar Allen Poe ads. That was
clever. That really is too bad that you have to run against a friend.
I remember, when I ran, pretty much all of the class offices only had
one competetor, so most people just signed up and got elected! I won't
lie though: as I read the ones of the last airbender, I said to
myslef: ''nub''. hahaha!
  Things here are all going well. We had a baptismal interview for
BB, and he'll be getting baptized on Saturday. He's a weird one. But
he keeps his commitments and goes to church, so he's good to go!
  News is slow. The week was good, we had a lot of lessons, and I got
to go on a division with Elder Wilson. He was with me in the MTC, and
we get along really well. President Thompson has his birthday
tomorrow. We were at a member's house, and they showed us a facebook
post. On the facebook page ''kuduro de Angola'', the page owner took a
picture of some missionaries walking out of a store and wrote: 'I
always see these two guys walking in white shirts, two by two, and
with backpacks on. Who are they?' We read some of the comments and
thought that they were really funny. The good news is that all of the
ones that were false never got any likes, while the ones where people
said: hey they're nice got about 6 likes each. These were some of the
comments: 'I don't know'. 'They're missionaries! Here's a link to the
lds.org site.' 'Are they terrorists?' 'They believe in polygamy and
they're all pediphiles!' 'Mit Romney is their leader! He's racist
too!' 'Their headquarters is in Salt Lake City. The church made
millions of dollars when the olympics were there in 2002!' 'I talked
with them once. They were really nice guys.' 'I see them a lot in the
airport around 10pm.' 'Don't worry about them! The muslims are the
ones that are invading! We need to stop the real threat to our
country! Stop the muslims!'
  We were just laughing and laughing. But the member we were with is
Lassalette, the governor-senator, and so she was mad and is going to
put an ad about us in the local paper! That will probably help with
contacts a lot!
  But I'm doing well. No complaints. I love to hear that good things
are going on back at home. Keep me updated on EVERYTHING! I'm excited
but scared. I remember telling Elder Walker how crazy it was that he
only had 9 months left... and now he leaves in 5 weeks! That's where I
am!!!!! I can't wait to come home, but I don't know how I can leave. I
definately am excited to share advice for Weston and his mission, and
I also have some plans to party it up with Owen once he's left.
Paintball anyone? What do ya say Owen? Plus, I still have my list of
things to do with Dona when I get back!
  The heat is down, but the humidity is up! I love you guys!

Elder Alex Hobbs

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