Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 1, 2013


  This week was a weird one. There was a ton of stuff going on. Zone
conference, a branch actifvity, and an engagement party for some
members in one of my old areas. Lessons were not high in number, and
it was a little rough of a week. But I'm ready for this next one, and
Preisthood at President's house is going to be a big boost!
  The new transfer starts today! We'll be seeing one another here
really soon! I'm excited! Elder Money and I are here together again,
so no new big changes.
  I'm not sure what to write, but there was that cool engagement
party. I got to see Elder Kelsey again. We chatted it up, talked about
the mission, how to have good studies, the language, and laughed up at
our ''glory days'' together. It's really weird to see them go here in
a few days. It kind of makes me homesick, but that gets cancelled out
by the knowledge that I'm going to be an ''older guy'' really soon.
Way cool!
    Elder Money and I think we met before the mission. Do you remember
that trip to Vegas when we went to the magic shop, and we bought that
trick that allows you to levatate cards? Well, Elder money went to
that same shop and bought the same trick. We both remember another kid
there, and I remember him being blond and shorter than me. Crazy
right? I think we totally saw eachother before the mission! haha
  I'm happy that you all had a good Easter! Ours was different. It
came and went, almost without us knowing! But Sister Abdo (one of the
Brazilian couples) gave us a bag of candy to enjoy. It was Awesome!
    See you all soon! I love you!

Elder Alex Hobbs

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