Monday, December 9, 2013

November 11, 2013


  This was one of the best weeks in my mission. We had miracles
happen nearly every day. So many people came to church, and so many
people are appearing out of no where!
  A and E are both scheduled for baptism on 23 Nov. I'm way
excited. Also, we found an awesome new family!
  We were sitting in a taxi, waiting for it to go, when a woman
walked up to Elder Chatwin and asked who we were. Her name was N.
At the time, we had forgotten our phone at a member's house. We left,
and went to the member's home to get our phone. She had already
called! That never happens. We went back to teach her, and she was
asking perfect questions about the plan of salvation (another thing
that never happens. usually, Angolans just ask if it's bad to worship
on saturday), like ''is there really life after death?''. It was way
cool. Then, we taught her about the Restoration, and invited her to
  We were going to meet her at a bank in the morning, and when we got
there, we tried to call, but her phone was off. 3 minutes later, she
pulls up in her car. ON TIME. Another thing that NEVER happens. She
really enjoyed church, and we're going to meet with her again this
week. So cool!
  Well, to answer questions, my plans are to come home and start
working until the fall. I figured I could try and apply for like 3
jobs and start saving up cash to get started. So, I suppose a good
time for a vacation could be before or after Christmas. If you choose
to go afterwords, I don't think that that will cause too many
problems. It's up to y'all. :) As for birthday or Christmas presents,
you've already been showering me with love and also money for cool
African stuff, so if I only got clothes, I'd be satisfied. I'll be
looking for the basics for college: clothes, study supplies, etc. I'll
need a computer, but those are expensive, I'll take care of all that
stuff when I get there.
  As for travel plans, I haven't heard anything about them. President
held them from Elder Kearney until he had 3 days left. So you'll
probably get them before I do. To be honest (don't freak out just yet,
and don't tell anyone this), I have a small fear (fear is a bad word.
anticipation or assumption might be better) that I might get
''volun-told''. The new Elders coming in are having a bunch of visa
problems, and no one has news about anything. We've also got
interviews coming up with President in 2 weeks, and since I've gotten
no flight plans... it just makes me assume things. But that's not for
sure, and chances are it won't happen, so don't worry.
  Anyways, I love you guys. I can't wait to see you all again. I'm
going to miss this place like no one knows, but I'll have y'all.


Elder Alex Hobbs

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