Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013


   Wow. I can't believe that this day has actually come. I didn't think it ever would! Thanks for your letters. I'll give you all some quick answers to all of your questions:
I'm excited for all of my appointments. Africa kind of messes you up after a while. haha Sister is going to give me a worm pill, but a checkup from an expert is going to be a welcome experience. I hope I don't have too many cavities. I think I have two though. As for my shoes, they look alright. They could have been better, as it's not always as easy as going to Walmart to pick up some polish when you run out. As for the boots, they look great on the outside, but the inside got drowned out from a really bad rainstorm. I do know Kayla Hoover! Do you remember Mike Hoover? It's his sister. That would be really cool to see her and maybe Sam Horman too.
   Thanks for the money. I think that that should be plenty for everything. Chandler will be the only one from my MTC group going with me. Mcallister and Wilson are going home in January. It would be cool to see Wilson's homecoming, but I think we'll be out in Cali by then, so... no worries there. He'll live without me. ;) Speaking of Cali, Elder Kelsey is living down there. I talked with Chandler, and he said that if we're in San Diego, him and Kelsey could easily drive up to say hi. Let me know if you'd like to meet them.
   Weston, Owen, I have a mission for you: When I come down the escalators, I want you to be ready with some music. Buy the song ''King of Pride Rock (Score)'' by Hans Zimmer, and as soon as you see me, start playing it at the really happy part that starts at about 4minutes46seconds. You'll know what to do. It should make things way intense. :)
   Well, I'm excited. The mission's been good. I don't know how many I baptized, per se, but I made a list of people who I thought I helped come unto Christ, and the number is 33, with about 23 of them active. I hope that's good. 

I love you all so much. I'll see you soon,

Elder Alex Hobbs

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