Monday, December 9, 2013

December 2, 2013


   Wow! Thank you all so much for all of the birthday wishes! And, more important, thank you so much for the birthday gift! That will work out just perfectly! haha I loved the video. When Elders Chandler and Stewart saw Dad, they said that he needs to buy a Harly with the beard and short haircut! haha They thought he looked way cool!
   This week was way fun. We had Thanksgiving, and we played futebol: The Turkey Cup. I ended up going on Team Lubango, because Team Cassequele was full. Little did everyone know, Elder Andre, an Angolan waiting for his visa to Portugal, has crazy feet, and we ended up taking the championship! It was a lot of fun. The Paulo family thought my birthday was the 28, so afterwords, we went to their house and had some cake. It was really fun to have them sing 'Para bens a você.' But yea, it's weird that I've finally reached drinking age. I'm excited.
   So yesterday, I got to say goodbye to T from Luanda II. His conversion story is actually a lot cooler than I knew. He came to church, and the first thing that he said to himself was: ''This church isn't for me. I can't read all of these manuals and scriptures. I'll just go back to the Pentecostal.'' But then he said that he felt the Spirit very strongly that day, and later he had a dream that told him that the Elders were people of great power, so he kept going until he was baptized. He's way strong, and I felt really good seeing him again.
   I can't wait to be back in the snow with y'all! It's starting to really cook up here. I'm getting a really nice tan and sweating as much as I drink! But things are running very smoothly. The Elders in the provinances are all up for a big Zone Conference with Elder Hamilton from the 2 Quorum of the Seventy, so work is going to slow down a little this week for meetings and whatnot. I've pretty much got a cake walk for the rest, but I'll keep doing what I can to share my apple!
   Well, not all to much to write. Here's some pics!

DSC03750 Beautiful Downtown Luanda

DSC03736 Elder Chatwin

DSC03751- M P's family

DSC03754 Chandler, McAllister and I on the beach by some cool grafiti blocks

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