Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013


   So I've made a New Year's resolution to only speak in Português for this year. I need to improve my accent and learn some new words. I'm giving myself today as a practice, because I've slipped up a few times already, but I'll get it soon!
   I love all your Christmas pictures, and the rap video made me smile. Send me some more videos! I would love it!
   It sounds like Christmas went well for everyone, which is great! Lots of good things have started to happen here. We've been working hard, and have been finding a ton of people that I feel were prepared of God. The Lord has blessed us this past week with very Spiritual lessons, and it feels amazing. I am so happy.
   Christmas in Angola is nice, but I do kind of wish it was a little more magical. Most people just get drunk on Christmas Eve, and some parties happen. But There is one very nice thing: Christmas Day is peacefully spent at home with the family (excepting muslims). The people were all together. It was a refreshing change to see as we made our visits (we got to go caroling with our lessons). The streets were very quiet, and traffic free. Granted, there was lots of loud music in many houses, but it was spent as a family in all of them. So the Christmas miracles still happen here, just in a different way. I love to see families together here.
   New Years is about the same as in the states, but no one is out except for our muslim friends again. But it was a good day. We got permission from President Thompson to stay up until midnight, and so we played WAR in our house (RISK knock off). Then we went to the beach as a Luanda Zone. (We had to split up Pday, but we got in some awesome lessons). I got a little fried, but it was a lot of fun.
   I hope you all continue to be happy and do what you do. Please, if you know ANYONE who isn't a member that could benefit from the gospel, give it to the missionaries as a reference. Member help is so needed here, and I'm sure it's even more needed there in the States! We had a family night last night about missionary work, because we're trying to ''kickstart'' an area and put a branch out there. There are currently 2 families there, so we talked about missionary work and read from a talk called ''Was it worth it?'' I thought of some friends and family that have fallen away from the church, and I can tell you: if missionary work was done to them and they came back, it would be worth any struggle to me. So I think the same for others that I don't know. So help your missionaries over there! :)

I love you all, and wish you a happy new year!

Elder Alex Hobbs

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