Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2012

Á minha família,

  This was one of the best weeks of my mission! Last night, Elder
Kelsey and I were doing the end of week countup, and we found that we
had taught 29 lessons this week! We did´nt even realize it! But that´s
not why it was awesome. It was awesome because all of the lessons we
taught were just filled with the Spirit. I felt so good this week!
  Yea, I did get my card without problems. I pulled out some money to
buy a new bag and to pay the mission the 130$ that I owe. I´ll try to
get over to KFC (I promise I´ll eat there when I can), but it´s a
little far from our area, so we´ll have to see. In the mean time,
we´re planning to hit up Bemfica next week, so we should get some cool
Africa stuff. Paintings are my goal for this trip!
    The Lord is doing some very good things with our area. We´re
finding a lot of really prepared people and we had a lot of new
investigators come to church. K bore his testimony of the Book of
Mormon, and it was nice. Yes, he was a little buzzed, but he just said
what he knew was true, so I think people felt the Spirit. One of our
investigators sure felt it, because he started clapping after K´s
  Life is good here. I´ve finally chosen my Spain futebol team by the
way... REAL MADRID! Woo! FYI for ya. haha. As for the Português letter
to Kiana, did she just get that, because I sent it forever ago! Like,
I´m talking 4 transfers ago! I did mention that if she got married or
went on a mission that she had to let me know and get me a picture.
But there´s more in that letter than just that! Keep translating, wi.
  I love you all. I´m still waiting for the camera. I hope it comes
before I leave the area. Transfers are in 2 weeks!

Lots of love,

Elder Alex Hobbs

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