Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 28, 2013

   Greetings from Luanda 2! The largest area in the mission! It was a week of work. It was kind of hard, I won't lie. But this week is going to be awesome. Elder Castleton and I have been focusing super hard on exact obedience lately, and it is paying off. I feel so good. It's also giving me a lot of faith to find new people and set up the area for success.
   The week was very slow, so there's not a lot to write about. We taught only 11 lessons, and many people weren't all too receptive. Elder Castleton and I have a game plan to start sifting through the people that just aren't ready now, and to go and qualify contact for new, prepared people. We're also going to put a focus on just 2 of our main areas, and leave all the others for future work. We have to lay a strong foundation fast, but carefully.
   But I'm starting to have my ''Africa moments'' again. I just love to walk around and see things that would never happen in the States. For example:  drum music 24/7, red dirt roads, street vendors, 86 degree weather (or hotter), 0 English signs, animals running around, BIG DUSTY SUNSETS, jungle trees, imbondeiros, funge, and anything else you can't imagine. It's starting to feel like home (but I'll always miss you guys and our home).
   I'm doing well. I pulled out 40$ for some extra food, just like you asked, mom. But I'm hoping to see some more meals from members soon. I've heard good things of this branch, and they've put up a sign in the foyer to feed the missionaries.
   Our branch split yesterday. It was the first branch in Angola to split. It was really neat, because Elder Bricknell of the 70 made a prophecy that with concerted effort, we could have a branch here within 2 years! It was cool.
   I'm doing well, I miss you all, and I hope that you all feel better! I pray for y'all, and I LOVE YOU!!!
Elder Alex Hobbs

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