Sunday, November 4, 2012

October 30, 2012

A melhor família do mundo,

   The week was a little bit shaky this week. We had to split up a few days because now I am technically in a tripanionship, we're working across two areas, so the lesson count was a little lower. However, I've talked with some members and branch missionaries, so this next week should be better on the efficiency end. I'm pretty excited for this Thursday... President Thompson will be walking with me in my area! Way cool right? hahaha. It looks like I'll be in a triship for about three or four weeks. We're waiting on either a Cabo-Verdiano (He'll NEVER get his visa... option two?), or a Brazilian to come in. President Thompson said he couldn't tell me if I was going to be training or if they would do a swap from a different area. I'm guessing they'll swap someone or he would have told me, but we'll see!
   So sorry that this email is a day late... we were too busy moving into our new appartment. IT IS THE BEST HOUSE ON THE MISSION NOW!!! I'm pretty sure that the mission couples are a little jealous because we have an elevator! It rocks. It never faults energy or water, and I've already taken two hot showers since we moved in yesterday! We're all super excited. We spent the whole day yesterday stomping and spraying roaches from all of our things and then riding in some beatup diesel truck to the new place. It was a very ''African'' exeperience. Elder Tolman and I were waiting in traffic for over two hours! But it was fun. We talked a lot.
   So the area looks great! K is doing very well with quitting alcohol, and we have many investigators that are just super close to accepting baptism, so I hope to see some good progress soon. . Miss you guys. Make sure to let strange black people become my friends on facebook. There's a couple of them that speak English that you can all talk to if you want! M is a member here, and she's really cool. Also C is ''my man'' haha. He'll get really excited to talk with you.
   Home still sounds like it's all going well. I'm happy to hear that my brothers are both preping to go into the temple and on a mission. Keep going guys! It ROCKS out here!
   It's strange to think that Halloween happens this week. Angola doesn't celebrate anything with it. They all know what it is, but think that it's a bad holiday because all they've seen of it are the Halloween specials on their soap operas. But, we've been told that the Brazilian casals are going to go all out on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we're excited for that. It's going to be a little different for me... the weather here is starting to get insanely hot. I don't know the temperature, but I've started sweating, so it's going up!
   Big news for mom: We got a lunch list! We'll be getting fed everyday excepting  Pdays and Wednesdays. Woo!
   I love you all so so sooooo ENTÃO much!!!! Stay well, and keep enjoying the simple things!

Elder Alex Hobbs

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