Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Hey Family!
   So this week went by really well. We got to watch general conference yesterday and on saturday. We broke record numbers in our branch for attendence on Sunday. 131 people! We need a new chapel fast!
   Elder Hyde and I spent a lot of time contacting people on the street. It was really cool, because we found a family that already had a copy of the Book of Mormon, but had never sat with missionaries. We're really excited to start teaching them.
   So, transfers have come. I get to stay in the area as district leader, but Elder Hyde is leaving for the provinance of Lubango. Also, I don't have a companion! haha, yea, but I'll probably start working with many of the branch missionaries here. Also, there is a fair possibility that I'll work with Elder Domingos (Ventura, our old branch mission leader. He's the one on the right in the picture). He's part of the Mozambique mission, and he has to come to Angola for his visa. So it is very probable that I'll work with him for a transfer. But I am really happy that I get to see the people in this area progress still.
   We're going to get a new house! The Abdos (Brazilian Casal that is in charge of mission housing), found us a nice new place that won't fault energy or water! Plus, it's super close to where we shop, it has an elevator and an indoor futebol-basketball court... heck yea! We're all excited.
   I'm learning a lot how to cook! I'm super excited! I attached a picture of me making sweet rice. It's the first thing that I've ever cooked all by myself without mom's supervision!!! I. told me how to make it. I think that We'll plan a family night with her and I'll have her show me how to cook some Angolan plates. It'll be awesome. (Sorry mom I'm not getting fed by members right now... they were working on getting the missionaries a lunch list, but our chapel got robbed, so I think that may have dropped in priority a little... but I eat alright.) I want to come home and make you guys some of the food here. It rocks!
   So we played some good ole futebol today. I was goalie, and we totally beat some of the local aaronic preisthood here! Nothing gets past my hips or hands! So you had all learn to play before I get back, because I'm starting to love futebol!
   I sent you guys some letters. One has kwanza in it, so I'm not sure if you'll get it. Let me know.
   I love you guys a lot! I miss ya, and I pray for ya! I'm happy to hear that school is going well for everyone. Sorry about the football Owen. You ought to try out for futebol. See what happens. It's a sport to play right?
   I can't wait for Christmas to talk with you all!
Love Elder Hobbs

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