Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15, 2012

Família amoroso,

   Haha, wow! Life at home sure sounds like it´s a lot of change and a lot of fun. First off, I want to offer weston a few pointers: Don´t talk about Avatar. The end.
   Just kidding. It´s so cool that Chris is getting tazed, Dad´s rocking the tests, Weston´s talking to girls, and Owen is doming up the football!
   The week was really cool. We´ve been teaching a man named K. He was known as the crazy drunk man of the area. Now he´s a week sober, and comes to church. SOOO many people have wanted to know who we are now. He hands out our number to people and bears testimony to them as well. Very cool there.
   Water and Electricity have gotten better this week. We still fault sometimes, but it´s better now, and we should be getting a new house soon.
   There was a little bit of sadness this week... R and P moved. They´re in a place called Viana. It´s kind of like moving from Ammon to Idaho Falls, but they´re in a different branch now. I´m hoping that I´ll get transfered there in a week! haha But they´re doing well. They have a bigger house, and will get to start going to school again in January, something they´ve wanted for the last 10 months. It´s good for them!
   A is going to get a calling really soon now! We´re very excited. She´s also going to teach us how to make some Angolan dishes, like funge, arroz doce, and some peanut butter sauce stuff. I´m extra excited for that!
   I have lost some weight, but we just got some more money, so now I´ll be fine. I did pull out about 40$ this week because I was broke and wanted some milk and taxi money, but now we´re recharged, so I´ll be fine.
   I´ve been missing you all lately. Halloween with you all was definitely a highlight, but we´ll do that here in a year or two. :)
   Lots of love to you all. Say some prayers for President Thompson.  He´s been sick.. He´ll find out soon that his role is CENTRAL to this mission.
   Hey, I need to know what kind of cool African stuff you all want! I know where to go for it now, so let me know alright!

I LOVE you all so so much,

Elder Alex Hobbs

PS tell Owen that today we went to a member-oil worker´s house today and played Dominion. I used Owen´s strategy of Villiage-Smithy and I won!!!

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