Monday, March 4, 2013

February 25, 2013

Hey guys!

  You've all heard the big news! The Angola Luanda mission will be
officially opened July 1, 2013. It's going to be awesome. We'll be
able to just move so much faster with the autonomy that will come with
being our own mission. President Merrill served in Brazil. That's all
we know of him as of now. President Walton actually talked to him
before President Thompson did!  I'm really sad that President Thompson
is leaving. He has helped me so so SO much here.
  But, I have some bigger news: transfers came, and I'm training
again. I'll be training Elder Money, he's from SLC. I'm way excited,
because I know so much more now than the last time that I trained.
Elder Castleton will go into the new Luanda 2 D area (our area is
getting split), with Elder Hannay.... newbie!
  But, I have even BIGGER news!! Weston had a birthday! Wooo! Happy
Birthday lil´ big bro. 17... that was a good year for me. Jeff must
hate your guts! haha. Well, I may or may not have gone to the praça in
Benfica today... so maybe you'll just get a present this year... or
next year when I come home!!!! (PS that's why I took out 60$ today)
  Good things are coming ahead in Angola. I'm trying to pour more and
more of myself into it each day. As I do that, more and more comes to
me each day as well... I have learned SO MUCH!!! And I'm going to keep
on learning too! Did I already tell all you that I'm learning Chokwe?
  So, with a new mission, that means that an Apostle or up will come
to give a visit... I want to make some guesses with you guys. Who's it
going to be? My guess is President Monson himself is coming!
  Other than that, nothing all too new. H and A marked a day
for marriage and also a baptismal date, so I'm excited!

Lots of love to y'all. If I get anymore church news, I'll let you
know. (I knew about the mission autonomy on Tuesday, so... hahaha)

Love, Peace, Chips and Salsa,

Elder Alex Hobbs

That was for you birthday boy!

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