Monday, March 4, 2013

February 18, 2013


   The week was good. We didn't get very many lessons because it rained. Angolans HATE the rain. Or, they love it because they can use it as an excuse! haha. But I had a lot of fun this week.
   Being extra obedient is bringing many many blessings for me. I feel the best I have my whole mission! When we were at the baptisms for J and C on Saturday, I felt like I was in the temple! It was fun. C chose me to confirm him. That was neat as well. They should be receiving the priesthood this next Sunday.
      The success story for the week is about a family. The parents names are H and A, the children E and F. We weren't able to see them until Sunday night, and they still came to church, which is awesome!
   They made me think of a scripture in the Doctrine and Covanents 29: 7, ''...mine elect hear mine voice and hardeneth not their hearts.'' We had only taught them the message of the Restoration until last night. Last night, we taught about chastity, as they are not married legally. Strangely, we used the word ''repent'' in our lesson and invited them to get married. Although it was a call to repentance of a sin, they were prepared and happy to hear that repentance was necessary and available. They also agreed to read more in the Book of Mormon, and seem like their ready to do what it takes to get baptized.
   We're finding more and more families to teach, and very soon, our new branch president will have a coordination meeting with us. (something that doesn't happen often here) Our new branch President Sérgio is young, lived in Portugal, and is ready to work some miracles here in the branch. I'm excited! Elder Cook in his talks 2 weeks ago told the branches to work and coordinate closer with the missionaries, so good things are ahead!
   Owen, I needed your help on Sunday... Elder Castleton and I were walking when we found 2 little kittens in the street without a mom! Missionaries can't have pets, so we started to call all the members in the area. However, most Angolans hate cats, so everyone said no. We had to leave them in the street. :( But I prayed for them, so they should be good.
   I'd like to ask you all to pray for A. She's going through a very VERY hard time right now, and needs all the prayers she can get. Pray for her every night!
   I don't want to end in a bad note, so I've got one more story for you all. We went to a chinese ''mall'' today. It was interesting. There wasn't anything cool, but they had a bunch of dry packed eggs and chicken wings!
   Plus, I'm starting to learn little phrases in dialects. Nguri wana wa nZambe, and don't you all forget it!

Love you all,

Elder Alex Hobbs

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