Monday, March 4, 2013

February 11, 2013


   The week was one that was awesome, but not for doing a ton of work. We had a district conference (all of Luanda) with Elder Cook of the seventy. It was awesome! He spoke of everything that we needed here. He talked about being exactly obedient, loving wives, and coordination with the missionaries! We will see a lot of good things happen here in the branches with member retention very soon.
   Other than that, not a lot of news. We'll be having 2 baptisms this week, but I don't know either of the candidates very well. They were taught long before I arrived. As for the area, it is building. We're working really hard to find a ton of families, and as we are obedient, it comes. We found a family last night actually, and had a 'get to know you' lesson with them. M and E. They pretty much asked about the 1st lesson. We'll be seeing them on Wednesday.
   We have also started teaching H and A, with their 3 kids. They've been to church since we first invited them, and they've been reading the pamphlets and Book of Mormon. I'm way excited for them. They should be baptized real soon.
   Speaking of Book of Mormon, we ran out of them for a good month. We just got in a small shipment, and we have 10 per dupla. I was reading in Preach My Gospel a few days ago, and I read a quote by Joseph Smith that reads: "take away the Book of Mormon and the revelations and where is our religion? We have none." I sighed. It was hard to commit people to pray about a book they've never read! But now we have some and I'm excited.
   Elder Castleton reminds me of a mix of me and Owen. One is totally awesome, and the other is a missionary in Angola! ;) He's very smart, though a little quiet, and he's totally helping me live up to my potential. We're going to have this area set up so well, I have a goal to baptize 5 families before I get transferred again!
   But life is good. We're getting fed, and I'm exercising. I'm excited for this next week, because it should be very well organized with a lot of lessons and new investigators!
   I love you all so much. Keep loving life. Thank you so much for your letters!!!
Elder Alex Hobbs

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