Monday, June 4, 2012

May 21, 12

Todo bém?
   Então, eu pensei que esta semana, escreveria vocês em Português.... just kidding!
I hope that you are all excited to be out of school soon! Time seems to be going by very fast. School is already out for you guys, and I'm almost at 6 months already! I've got to get to work!!! 
   Well, W. was not baptized. We found that she was not quite ready for baptism, and, also, her mom wouldn't allow it to happen. We're going to continue to work with her to build up her faith. However, M's baptism is set up for this week!!! I'm very excited for him, and I think he really is ready to follow Christ like he always says he wants to.
   So here's the news: President and Sister agreed to buy a house that the other Cassequel companionship found. It has HOT WATER! We're excited. I don't know if I told you already, but the appartment is brand new, and will get new kitchen items with it! Huzzah!
   Also, I will be going on a Safari with a bunch of the other newer missionaries on Wednesday! (No mom, I won't touch the monkeys) I'll take lots of pictures and be safe.
   These past few days were full of service. Not the happy go-lucky and paint a house kind of service. African service. It was very fun. First, we went to a member's house to find that the woman of the house was cleaning out their freezer. "It's women's work" she said. We said "nope, it's missionary work!" Little did we know what we were getting into. (Mom, close your ears. You too Luxana) The freezer was full of ice, water and blood. We bucketed out blood, and scooped out fish heads, crab legs, and.... drum roll... a lamb's head. It was pretty awesome. After we finished, we went upstairs to talk with the man of the house. As we were talking, we found that their dog had a tick problem. We then proceeded to de-tick their dog with matches and plyers. Mmmm... o yeah.
   Then came Sunday services! We got to help an unknown investigator feel better. He had a hangover and was feeling sick. But I think we made an impression on him and a few members that the doctor is not for the healed, but for the sick, and that our church is one of love and understanding, and that all can be forgiven.
   I hope that you all enjoyed the stories! They weren't as bad as they sound here, because I thought it was all AWESOME while it happened.
   Alright, I have an address. Remember : 5 lb limit, no liquids, no food, only every 6 months (or just not too often).

If you do decide to send a package, I think I'd like more pictures and another photo book. :)  Also, Elder Borden wants to see my Senior pictures. Other than that, I'm doing just fine here!

I love you guys.) I hope that you enjoy summer, and that things are always happy at home!

 -Elder Alex Hobbs

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